After an Atlanta workplace accident, there are certain key steps that you need to take in order to protect your rights. You may be entitled to receive benefits that cover the costs of your injuries and your losses. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your ability to get those benefits, especially as you are restricted by Georgia law from suing your employer for on-the-job injury. atlanta work injury checklist

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with help in taking the necessary steps to protect your right to receive compensation for work-related illnesses and injuries.  You should work with an attorney as soon as you can to find out the steps you need to take after you get hurt and to avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your right to benefits.

Steps to Take After an Atlanta Workplace Accident

Atlanta workers who get hurt at work can get workers’ comp benefits.  If exposure to toxins at work results in an employee developing an illness, the affected worker should also be entitled to coverage for the illness and for disability if the sickness affects job abilities. atlanta workplace illness

In some cases, it is clear an injury or illness is work-related because it occurs immediately after an accident or right after exposure to chemicals or toxins. In other circumstances, the injury or illness develops over time, such as a repetitive stress injury. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in proving an injury or illness was work-related in order to ensure you can get the benefits you need.

While these are situations where you should be able to clearly show that your work can affect your health, there are also other circumstances as well where your job affect your well-being. In fact, Safety BLR reported recently that new studies have shown a bad job can affect your health for decades.

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When a serious injury or a fatal accident happens in a worksite, obviously the first concern is to take care of the employee who was hurt or to address the situation with the employee who was killed. This employee, however, is not necessarily the only one who could be harmed as a result of the incident. Co-workers who observed the accident or who came to the aid of their injured co-worker could suffer critical incident stress. In some cases, employees who observed a frightening accident could even develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which affects their own health and their own ability to work effectively. atlanta workplace accident

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to the injured worker or to family members of those who are killed in an accident. Benefits, including medical coverage, disability coverage, or death benefits should be provided. If the injured employee suffers from PTSD in the aftermath of the accident, coverage for mental healthcare is typically also part of the benefits which workers’ comp should cover. For those workers who observed but who were not injured by the incident, however, the best option is for employers to provide appropriate support before the trauma causes PTSD to develop.

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Recently, CNN reported on the plight of a disabled 55-year-old construction worker. After 32 years in the construction industry, the man was badly injured and barely able to leave his home. He was taking medications, but the pills and treatments were not helping to improve his quality of life. Atlanta workplace injury

His story was similar to the stories of many other construction workers, and likely does not come as a surprise to those who are aware that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous. What may come as a surprise, however, is that this construction worker was not hurt because of a fall or an encounter with construction equipment. Instead, the cause of his serious ailment was workplace hearing loss.

Workplace hearing loss is common, life changing, and very expensive to deal with. For workers who sustain hearing loss, their quality of life can change forever. If you are one of the millions of workers affected by hazardous exposure to noise at work that causes your hearing to suffer, you need to know your rights. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help you.

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In Georgia, there are approximately 400,000 undocumented immigrants living throughout the state, according to Newsmax. Many of these undocumented immigrants are working jobs throughout Georgia, including in cities like Atlanta. This can raise important questions, like what happens if any of these undocumented immigrants get hurt on-the-job? atlanta workers' comp coverage

The Georgia courts have addressed this issue and the courts have found that undocumented immigrants are generally still going to be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. This means you should not allow your immigration status to prevent you from getting the work injury benefits that you deserve. If you got hurt as a direct result of your work duties, regardless of your lawful residency or not, you should contact an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer to find out what options you have for getting benefits that you need.

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Over the course of the year, there are 1.6 million missed days of work because employees get into auto accidents.  Traffic crashes cost employers in excess of $47 billion every single year. Car accidents are a leading cause of on-the-job injury, and not just for delivery people, taxi drivers, and truck drivers. atlanta workplace car accidents

People in lots of different professions have to be in their cars as part of their work, whether they are picking up office supplies or running errands for their boss or traveling to client meetings. Whenever one of these people get hurt on-the-job, they can make a work injury claim with the help of an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer.

Employers who want to avoid lost productivity, missed time from work, and other consequences of car accidents should do everything they can to try to prevent on-the-job accidents. Participating in Drive Safely Work Week is one of the things that they can do.

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After a death on-the-job, families of employees should get workers’ comp death benefits. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in making a death benefits claim so family members aren’t left with financial struggles when a breadwinner is no longer there to bring in income. Atlanta workplace fatalities

There are also questions about what else should happen after a workplace fatality. For example, recently, an article was published recently in which a University of Maryland law professor argued that executives and companies should sometimes face criminal punishment for a workplace fatality. While this currently happens on very limited occasions, if more prosecutions happened it is possible that more fatalities could be prevented.

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In Atlanta, workers who get hurt on-the-job should get workers’ compensation benefits. Injured employees deserve these benefits because they should not have to cover losses that happen due to illness or injury resulting from their job tasks. Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer

Unfortunately, sometimes employees are denied benefits that they should have. This can happen for lots of different reasons, from insurers claiming certain medical treatments are not necessary to a claim that an injury or illness doesn’t actually count as a work-related one.

Regardless of why injury claims are denied, it is devastating for employees when they are. Workers’ comp may be your only option to get benefits or any compensation at all from an employer since you aren’t allowed to sue employers for work-related injuries. Since you may have no other way to get medical bills or other costs paid, it is important to get help from an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer during the appeals process.

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If your family member has been killed at work, it is natural to be devastated by the loss. A workplace death is one of the most tragic losses a person can experience, especially because workplace fatalities are so often preventable.  Unfortunately, workplace deaths do happen, and families have to deal with the aftermath. Atlanta workers' compensation death benefits

When a death occurs on-the-job, it is important for family members to understand what their rights and options are. Workers’ compensation death benefits may be available, as long as you can prove that the death was work-related.

Death benefits can be available after a death due to illness or injury, and an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with assistance in making your benefits claim.

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With an increase in the maximum fines that Occupational Safety and Health Administration can assess after a work injury, the hope is that more employers will be inclined to follow workplace safety rules. Unfortunately, many employers may not worry about the fines because it is so common for OSHA to reduce the penalties which are imposed. Safety News Alert reported on this issue recently, indicating that many safety experts and worker advocates believe that OSHA reduces fines far too frequently, even in situations where a safety violation results in the loss of a worker’s life. Atlanta work accident

When an employee is hurt or killed on-the-job, the employee needs to know what options he or she has for pursuing a work injury claim. Benefits are available after workplace illnesses, injuries, and deaths  and the benefits available through workers’ comp may be an employee’s only option for getting costs covered following an injury. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance in securing these benefits, so at least employees won’t face financial loss, even if their employers have limited accountability.

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