Can You Choose Your Own Doctor When You Make an Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claim?

After an injury is sustained on-the-job, workers’ compensation should pay for the treatment that you require to try to recover from your work injury. There are specific steps you need to take in order to make sure you get workers’ compensation coverage, like notifying your employer of your injury within 30 days. You also need to make sure you are seeing a qualifying doctor in order to get your medical bills covered. medical malpractice

Your employer must post information about medical care providers who can provide workers’ compensation treatment.  You need to see a doctor that your employer has selected as a covered and authorized physician. If you are having difficulty finding a physician or getting your bills covered, you need to take steps to assert your right to have medical care paid for. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with help taking the necessary steps to get medical help covered after an on-the-job injury.

Choosing a Doctor After an Atlanta Work Injury

Although you will need to get care from an authorized physician to have your Atlanta work injury covered, your employer needs to provide you with information about authorized medical professionals who can provide the treatment you need. There are three different ways that your employer can fulfill the requirement to provide you with a list of doctors you have the option to see:

  • Your employer can post a traditional Panel of Physicians list. The list generally must contain a minimum of six doctors, unless the employer can demonstrate to the Workers’ Compensation Board that there are not six physicians or physician’s groups reasonably accessible. The panel of physicians must not contain more than two industrial clinics and it must contain at least one orthopedic doctor. Whenever possible, at least one of the doctors on the list must be a minority.  When you choose a physician off the panel of physician’s list, you are allowed to change your doctor one time (to a different listed physician) without first getting employer permission.
  • Your employer can post a Conformed Panel of Physicians list. This panel list must contain all of the same doctors that need to be listed in the traditional panel, as well as a general surgeon and a chiropractor. You are again permitted one change to a different listed physician without first getting prior permission from an employer.
  • Your employer can post the name of a Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization it has contracted with. The Workers’ Compensation Managed Care Organization must be certified by the Workers’ Compensation Board.  Your employer must provide notice to you of the medical service providers who are part of the network and who will provide covered care.  A 24-hour toll free number also must be available that you can call to speak with a managed care representative who will set you up with a provider of your choosing.  You are again allowed one change to a different physician participating with the MCO without prior permission.

While your employer does need to make sure you have a choice of doctors and accessibility to the types of medical care you need, you cannot simply choose any doctor you want but you must select one that participates with you employer’s workers’ compensation program or that is on your employer’s list.  If you feel that your employer is not providing enough qualifying options for doctors or that you are not getting the care you need and deserve, you need to assert your right to get proper medical treatment.  An attorney can help.

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