Protecting Lone Workers from Atlanta Workplace Injuries

One of the key pieces of advice given to employees to prevent on-the-job injuries is to watch out for other workers. The problem, however, is that there are many workers who are alone on the job and who have no one to look out for them. Lone workers face unique safety challenges and it is imperative that steps be taken to protect these individuals from serious or even fatal on-the-job injuries. public-works-1472835

It is the responsibility of an employer to look out for all workers, including those who work offsite, at remote sites, or alone in different locations. Workers who sustain injuries on-the-job can make a claim for benefits with the help of an Atlanta work injury lawyer. When the worker is alone and there is no one to witness how the injury occurred, it can sometimes be more difficult for the employee to prove the injury was work-related. Your attorney can provide you with guidance and advice on reporting the injury and demonstrating your job was the cause of it, so you can maximize the chances of receiving work injury benefits.

Atlanta Work Accident Risks for Lone Workers

Lone workers can include professionals in many different industries including traveling workers in maintenance professions, employees who perform repairs, workers in agriculture, and individuals who work in warehouses or retail stores or factories on nights and weekends. Safety and Health Magazine recently provided some information on how employers can try to protect these employees who work independently across different industries.

Technology is one important tool in preventing injuries among employees who work at remote job sites without other people. Technologies can track worker movement and location so when abnormalities are detected or problems are discovered, the employer knows where the worker is and can check in on him or send help quickly. Automatic warning devices, for example, can provide an alert if the lone worker does not check in or signal his safety periodically. Regular phone, radio, or other contact should also be made to ensure that no unexpected problems have developed.

Employers should also conduct risk assessments to determine if work can be safely done by people working alone and should ensure that employees are trained on emergency response before they are sent out into the field. The emergency response should include a clear action plan in case a problem develops as well as details about responding to specific risks the worker could encounter out in the field. Limitations should be clearly established on what workers can do when they are alone, and supervisors should make routine periodic visits to observe and check on the safety of lone workers. Finally, a process should be in place to ensure that the lone worker has returned home or has returned to a fixed location after a task has been completed.

By taking these steps to protect people working alone, employers can make a significant impact in preventing injuries among people in the field. If an injury does happen, an employee needs to report it as soon as possible, get prompt medical help, and get legal assistance moving forward with a work injury claim.

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