Top Three Reasons to Report Every Atlanta Workplace Injury

Minor accidents happen on-the-job every day. If you sustain a slip and fall, bump your head, cut yourself, or otherwise sustain any injury while performing your work duties, you should report what happened to you. You should make sure there is an incident report on file, even if you believe the injuries were relatively minor ones. work injury report

workers’ compensation attorney can provide you with assistance in reporting injuries to your employer if you do not understand the process.  Reporting an injury is essential to protect your rights in the future, even if you don’t believe that the injury will ultimately turn out to be a serious one.

Top Three Reasons to Report Every Atlanta Workplace Injury

Too many workers simply go on with their day after sustaining a minor injury, without reporting the incident or getting any medial attention. This can be a serious mistake. If something happens to cause you any harm at work, there are three key reasons why you should always report it every time.

  1. The injury could turn out to be more serious than anticipated. Sometimes, a minor injury actually turns out to be a much bigger deal than you initially thought. A minor bump on the head could actually mean you have bruising or bleeding of the brain, which could cause brain damage without prompt treatment. A little cut could get infected, or a sore knee could turn out to be a torn ligament.  You don’t want to end up with a very serious injury that has not been reported as you need documented proof of the injury to make sure you get the work injury benefits you deserve.
  2. Failure to report injuries can result in a denial of workers’ comp benefits. If you do not report your injuries in a timely manner to your employer, your workers’ comp claim could get denied. Workers comp should cover you for medical treatment from your injuries- even if that involves just a simple checkup to ensure that the injuries aren’t more serious than you initially believed. If your injuries do turn out to be more serious, you want to be eligible for treatment coverage and for disability benefits through workers’ comp.  Having a report of the injury is key to getting any of these benefits.
  3. Failure to report injuries can make it hard to prove a workers’ comp case. If you report the injuries right away and get prompt medical help, you will have documented proof of all harm caused by a workplace accident. If you don’t report the injuries and later it turns out you need to make a workers’ comp claim, questions can arise about whether your job actually caused the injuries or about whether you are exaggerating the severity.

Protecting your future rights is very important, as the law provides protection to workers but you need to take advantage of the workers’ compensation system. An attorney can help you to understand what you should do after you sustain a work injury.

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