Don’t Let an Employer Use These Excuses to Deny Your Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claim

Work injuries can be expensive, and can permanently affect your earning power. When you incur medical bills and your income is lost or reduced, it can be very stressful. Workers’ compensation laws are intended to remove this stress. Georgia law is supposed to guarantee every worker who got hurt on-the-job will have coverage for illnesses and injuries that are work related. Yes or No

Unfortunately, many workers’ comp insurers fail to provide the benefits they are supposed to when an employee gets hurt on the job and makes a claim for compensation. An Atlanta work accident lawyer can assist those who suffered injuries in appealing a denial of the benefits they deserve. Injured victims should make sure to talk with a lawyer, and should ensure they do not allow an employer’s insurer to make excuses for depriving them of the benefits that they deserve.

Common Excuses for Workers’ Comp Claim Denials

There are a very limited number of legitimate reasons for denial of workers’ comp benefits. For example, most injuries that occur when you are commuting to and from your job are not going to be covered. Outside of a few limited exceptions, however, most of the reasons insurers give for denying claims are excuses which will not hold up when challenged. Some of the common excuses insurers give for refusing to pay workers’ comp benefits include:

  • The injury isn’t serious. Workers’ comp insurers could try to claim you are exaggerating the severity of your injury.  You can respond to this excuse by providing medical records detailing the extent of the damage to your health.
  • The injury isn’t work-related. Insurers may argue that your injuries were caused by something other than your job tasks.  You can show reports from the accident, provide witness testimony, and consult with accident reconstruction experts to help prove your injury happened on-the-job.
  • The injury was pre-existing.  Insurers could claim you shouldn’t get benefits because you already had a health problem before a workplace accident or workplace exposure. However, even if you did have a condition already, you can still get workers’ comp benefits if your work tasks exacerbated the injury. You should provide medical records to show your injury occurred because of the performance of duties at work.
  • The injury doesn’t justify medical treatment or time off from work. Again, expert testimony from a medical professional indicating how severely you were hurt and the importance of treatment can be useful to overcome this common excuse.

If you hear these excuses or if you are otherwise denied any of the benefits that you deserve, do not hesitate to take action to fight for your rights. An attorney can help you to go through the different stages of a workers’ comp appeal so you can do everything possible to avoid financial loss, get your bills covered, and get the disability benefits necessary to care for yourself and your family.

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