Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claims for Exposure to Lead in the Workplace

Lead is a dangerous toxin which can cause lead poisoning, long-term brain damage, impaired kidney function, impotency, damage to the nervous system, digestive issues, anemia, high blood pressure, muscle coordination problems, vision problems, hearing loss, and even potential death.  Exposure to lead can make you sick right away, or symptoms can develop over time as lead levels build in your bloodstream. Sign

If you were exposed to lead in the workplace, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with legal guidance as you work to make a claim for compensation. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits provided you can prove your illnesses and medical conditions were caused by the lead exposure and that the lead exposure happened on-the-job. You may also have a third party claim against non-employers whose negligence or failures to fulfill their obligations caused the lead exposure to occur. Because lead can cause long-term and incurable problems, getting legal help right away is imperative so you can make your claim. 

Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claims Due to Lead Exposure

Lead exposure has been making national news headlines in recent weeks as a result of contaminated water being delivered to residents in a city in Michigan. While the illnesses and damage due to the tragic mass exposure to lead cannot be measured, the reality is that lead is not just a problem in this particular devastating situation. Workers throughout the country are exposed to lead every day, as lead was commonly used in paint, pipes, and other products until the late 1970s. While the safety risks of lead are more well-known today, lead is still found in consumer products and even in soil.

Department of Human Services indicates lead exposure is especially common for people who work in certain professions or who perform certain workplace tasks including:

  • Remodeling and renovating commercial or residential spaces.
  • Commercial or residential painting.
  • Auto repair, radiator repair and battery repairs.
  • Ceramics, pottery, and jewelry making
  • Metal cutting and/or soldering
  • Demolition
  • Scrap metal operations
  • Foundries

If you are exposed to lead in the workplace, you may not even be aware of the damage this exposure is doing to your body. Dust and lead chips can be consumed, inhaled, or otherwise absorbed and lead levels can build up in the body. You may experience no symptoms for a long time, and the lead can stay in your body for many years after exposure. Even small amounts of contact with lead can result in a buildup of this harmful substance that occurs faster than your body can remove it. Eventually, it is possible to go from no symptoms to full-blown lead poisoning.

Because symptoms do not appear immediately, many victims are unaware their on-the-job exposure to lead has made them sick. When this is discovered years later, proving the illness is work-related is complicated. An experienced attorney can help to demonstrate how your job caused your illness to happen so you can make a successful claim for workers’ comp benefits.

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