Crane Collapse Underscores the Importance of Atlanta Construction Safety

Cranes are used frequently in construction, often to make the movement of heavy objects easier. There are different types of cranes, including crawler cranes which have tracks like army tanks to move, and standard cranes which have wheels on which to move.  Cranes need to be operated by trained professionals, and must be placed into secure mode in the event there is too much wind, as cranes can be very dangerous under improper conditions.  atlanta crane accident

A recent crane collapse has resulted in calls for stronger safety measures to go into effect. The push for new safety rules for cranes began shortly after the collapse of a crane resulted in one pedestrian death and many vehicles being crushed.

Crane collapses can happen anywhere and anyone in the vicinity can be hurt. Often, however, it is construction workers who are harmed by the collapse of a crane because construction workers are most likely to be on-site when cranes are being operated. If a construction worker is hurt by a collapsing or swinging crane, an Atlanta work injury lawyer should be consulted for help.

The recent crane collapse was reported on by Claims Journal, which indicated that a 565-foot long crane unexpectedly came crashing down onto a street and killed a 38-year-old commuter.  The incident occurred in New York City, but cranes are used in every city to do construction and can always be dangerous no matter where they are located.

In this recent tragic incident, the worksite where the crane was operating had actually been visited the morning before by personnel from the Department of Business. The Department of Business had found everything in good working order.  It isn’t clear how things went so badly in a day, leading to the collapse. However, the police department and Department of Business are both doing independent investigations, and a forensic investigation is also being conducted of the crane.

After the collapse of the crane, crawler cranes were all temporarily suspended from being used in the city. New efforts to institute additional safety regulations also went into effect immediately, including new mandates that cranes be put into secure mode when weather forecasts indicate winds between 20 miles per hour and 30 miles per hour are impending. Fines were doubled for failure to put cranes into secure mode, from less than $5000 to $10,000.

New York safety regulations issued in response to the train collapse are applicable only in NY. Crane operators in Atlanta and other locations will only have local and state rules to follow.  However, it is imperative those in charge of operating and maintaining cranes take precautions to protect workers and innocent pedestrians who could be in the area of where the crane is located.

If a worker sustains injuries because of a problem with a crane, the worker should be entitled to disability income, medical coverage, and other workers’  comp benefits as long as the worker can show the injuries were job-related.

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