High Costs of Medication Make Atlanta Workers’ Comp Claims Essential

Many employees who get sick due to their job or who experience an injury on their worksite will find themselves needing medication, among the medical treatments they receive. Paying for the cost of prescription drugs can be difficult as many health insurance policies have high deductibles, force patients onto generics or refuse to cover some essential medications. atlanta workers' compensation coverage

Those who get hurt or sick because of work tasks should not have to rely on their health insurance coverage to pay their medication costs. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help those who need medications due to workplace illnesses or injuries.

With a successful workers’ compensation claim, a workers’ compensation insurer should cover the costs of all essential medical treatments. This has become especially important due to the rising cost of medications.

Rising Costs of Medication Underscore Importance of Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Claims

Insurance Journal reports on the rising costs of medication which are affecting patients who have sustained injuries in the workplace. According to the research on 2015 spending on medications, overall spending rose by 2.2 percent among insurers paying for workers’ comp benefits. The increase in the amount of money being paid by workers’ compensation insurance happened at the same time as there was a decline in the number of workers actually taking prescription medications.

Among patients whose care was being covered by workers’ comp insurers, there was a 2.6 percent drop in drug utilization in 2015. Despite this big decline in utilization rates, overall expenditures on prescription medications still rose because the average cost per prescription rose by 4.4 percent.

Opioids remain the among the costly class of drugs prescribed to injured workers, with a cost of $450.90 per user per year. Speciality medications, which around one percent of all injured workers are prescribed, have also been increasing in price significantly and in 2015, spending on speciality medications increased by 49.5 percent. The average cost for a speciality medication was $1,799.02 per prescription. This is around 10 times what a typical, normal prescription would cost. Compound medications are also a big driver of drug spending, with an average cost per prescription of $1,769.45 for payers who cover the costs of compound medications.

These prescription costs would generally be too high for the average person to pay out-of-pocket, especially since patients increasingly have limited coverage for prescriptions or deductibles of thousands of dollars.  Workers’ compensation is intended to provide full payment of medical treatment costs so victims of workplace injuries do not end up needing to rely on health insurance which fails to provide the full coverage necessary.

With a successful workers’ compensation claim, injured victims hurt on-the-job should not have to worry about covering the costs of the essential medications that they need to get better.  Victims need to ensure they make a claim for a workplace injury or illness and must make sure an insurer does not deny coverage for medications which reasonably should be covered by a  workers’ compensation insurance policy.

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