OSHA Report Shows Where Atlanta Workplace Accident Risks are Greatest

Each year, thousands of workers are killed on the job and many more workers are injured. In many situations, the injuries sustained by employees are serious. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) tracks workplace injuries and recently imposed stricter reporting requirements in an effort to ensure the agency has accurate data on the most dangerous industries. The new reporting requirements have now been in effect for more than a year, and a report has been compiled showing the highest risk professions. atlanta workplace accident

Workers who sustain injury in any job, whether you work in construction or in an office, need to know their rights. If your injuries are work-related, call an Atlanta workplace accident lawyer to get help pursuing a claim for benefits as a result of those injuries. You should get medical costs covered and may be eligible for disability income, which is very important if your injuries are serious or permanently affect your ability to earn a living.

Atlanta Workplace Accident Risks Greater in Certain Industries

Atlanta workplace accident risks are far greater in some industries than in others. This news comes from OSHA’s new report, released after the agency assembled data from its new reporting requirements. OSHA’s new mandate, which went into effect in January of 2015, requires employers to provide notice to OSHA within 24 hours of an injury that leads to hospitalization, the loss of an eye, or amputation.

Over the course of a year in which OSHA collected reports under the new requirements, the agency received reports of 10,388 serious injuries. In total, 7,636 of those reports were made to OSHA because the employees had been badly hurt enough to require in-patient hospital care. Another 2,644 reports were made because an employee had suffered an amputation.

With such a high number of incidents reported, data suggests 30 workers daily in the United States are badly hurt in a way that involves loss of an eye, amputation, or hospitalization.  Unfortunately, even these high incident rates may be underestimating the problem because OSHA indicates close to 50 percent of injuries which should be reported may not actually be reported.

While this risk is substantial, there are certain industries where employees are more at risk than others.  For example, 26 percent of hospitalized workers had manufacturing jobs and 19 percent had construction jobs at the time they suffered a reportable workplace injury necessitating inpatient care. In addition, 57 percent of workers who had amputations were in manufacturing and 10 percent were in the construction field at the time of the incident.

No matter what industry a worker is in, he deserves to get benefits through workers’ compensation for all on-the-job injuries and especially for serious damage like amputation, vision loss, or injuries requiring hospitalization. A workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance with understanding your rights if you are an injured worker so you can get the coverage you need after getting hurt.

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