Who is Most Likely to Suffer Work-Related Hearing Loss in Atlanta?

In the United States, more than 22 million workers each year are exposed to hazardous levels of noise at their worksites. Unsurprisingly, hearing loss is very common.  Hearing loss is the third most common chronic physical ailment within the U.S., is the single most common work-related ailment suffered by U.S. workers, and is more common than either diabetes or cancer. atlanta workplace hearing loss

While men are more likely to experience hearing issues due to exposure to noise at work, both men and women workers are in danger of deafness or hearing problems because of their worksites.

When work-related hearing loss does happen, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance in seeking workers’ comp benefits. These benefits could provide payment for all medical bills for treatment aimed at treating your hearing loss and restoring your hearing. Other benefits are also available, including ongoing disability income if you cannot work or your earning power declines due to the work-related hearing loss.

Who is More Likely to Experience Atlanta Workplace Hearing Loss?

Although there is a danger of hearing loss to all Atlanta workers, employees in certain sectors are far more likely than others to experience problems with hearing because of noise exposure. A recent study conducted by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was aimed at discovering who was at the greatest risk of hearing loss.

According to the report in Safety News Alert on the CDC study, the researchers for the CDC compared the prevalence of hearing loss among 1.4 million workers across the United States. These workers had jobs across nine different sectors in the U.S., and all had been exposed to high noise levels of 85 decibels or greater on the A-scale.  The CDC obtained 1.4 million audiograms belonging to these workers to discover how common hearing loss was across each different sector.

The researchers found that:

  • 17 percent of mining workers were suffering from hearing-loss. Miners had the highest percentage of occupational hearing loss across any industry.  However, there were specialized subsets of the manufacturing field in which rates of hearing loss were as high as for miners.  Those workers who manufacture wood products, machinery, or apparel have hearing loss rates on par with miners.
  • 16 percent of construction workers experience occupational hearing loss.
  • 14 percent of manufacturing workers experience occupational hearing loss.
  • Seven percent of first responders and public safety officials (including corrections officers, EMTs, police officers, and firefighters) experience workplace hearing loss.

For an employee in any industry who experiences problems with hearing after being exposed to noise at work, it is important to consider legal action to hold an employer accountable. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured workers to show that their hearing problems are work-related so they can get the workers’ compensation coverage they need and deserve to pay for medical care and other financial damages caused by their hearing issues.

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