Will Workers Comp Pay All Your Medical Bills After an Atlanta Work Injury?

Getting hurt at work can be very expensive. If you suffer an injury, you need to know how to get your costs covered. Reporting your injury to your employer in a timely manner is one of the keys to getting bills paid because you can be disqualified from workers’ comp coverage if you delay. Provided you report your injury on time and can show it is work-related you should be eligible for benefits that cover medical costs and that provide you with disability income. atlanta work injury medical bills

One big concern for many injured workers is exactly what types of medical bills will be covered by Georgia workers’ compensation. The good news is, you should have most or all of your bills paid after your accident. However, you may need to speak with an experienced Atlanta work injury lawyer to understand exactly what should be covered and to make sure you get the full amount of benefits that you actually deserve.

Will Workers’ Comp Pay Your Medical Bills After an Atlanta Work Injury?

Workers’ comp benefits should cover virtually all of your medical costs when you get hurt on-the-job. According to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation, your benefits should cover: “All authorized doctor bills, hospital bills, physical therapy, prescriptions, and necessary travel expenses if the injury or illness was caused by an accident on the job. You may also be entitled to medical and vocational rehabilitation.”

To be authorized, the medical service generally has to be provided by a licensed physician chosen from a list provided by your employer or who participates with a workers’ compensation managed care organization that your employer has contracted with. Your employer has to provide a list of at least six licensed doctors, including one orthopedist, or must provide details on the managed care organization who can help you to find a provider.

If your injury happened before June 30, 2013, you are entitled to lifetime medical benefit related to your workplace injury. if the accident that caused your work injuries happened after this date, you will be limited to getting your medical bills paid for a period of 400 weeks from the time of the accident date, except in limited circumstances where catastrophic injuries entitle you to lifetime medical benefits.

If you are undergoing treatment and getting bills paid by workers’ compensation, you are allowed to change your physician one time without providing notice to an employer.  You have the right to expect that the medical care you are provided is going to be high quality medical care and that your physician will be looking out for your best interests regarding recommendations on when you can return to work. If you believe you are being denied care you deserve or being treated inappropriately by a caregiver or by a workers’ compensation insurer, you should get legal help to protect your interests.

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