Workers Comp Insurer Explains Top Causes of Atlanta Work Injuries

Recently, a leading workers’ compensation insurance carrier released a report identifying the most common causes of occupational injuries and occupational accidents. Safety BLR provided details on the insurance company’s report to shed light on some of the biggest risks faced by workers. Atlanta workplace injury

Whenever a worker gets hurt, regardless of whether his injuries were common or unusual, it is important for the employee to understand his options for making a workers’ compensation claim. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to injured workers in proving they are entitled to benefits because their injuries were caused by job duties.

Top Causes of Workplace Accidents in Atlanta

According to Safety BLR, Travelers’ Companies Inc. is the “country’s largest workers’ compensation carrier.” The insurer’s annual Injury Impact Report was thus prepared by making an analysis of more than 1.5 million workers’ comp benefits claims which were filed over a four year period of time.

The analysis revealed certain top causes of workplace injuries including:

  • Handling of materials, which was the cause of 32 percent of total claims.
  • Slips, trips, and falls, which caused 16 percent of total workers’ compensation benefit claims.
  • Getting hit by an object or colliding with an object, which caused 10 percent of total workers’ compensation claims.
  • Accidents which occurred when working with tools, which accounted for seven percent of claims.
  • Trauma which occurred over time, such as in situations where strains developed because of overuse of a body part. This accounted for four percent of total claims.

These common causes of workplace injuries also caused the same injuries to happen over and over. In particular, workers were much more likely to suffer strains, sprains, punctures, cuts, inflammation, fractures, chronic illnesses; or contusions than to experience other types of work-related injuries.

Sprains and strains, two of the most common injuries experience by workers on-the-job, caused a total of 57 missed workdays on average. Cuts and punctures were the second most common reason for time missed from work, causing a total of 24 days off of work on average. Fracture and inflammation, on the other hand, were likely to cause the most time away from work. Fractures resulted in 91 missed workdays on average, while inflammation led to an average of 78 days away from work.

Within certain sectors, there were some causes of injury which were much more likely to happen than in others. For example, in both construction and retail, falls from heights were among the top causes of injury. In manufacturing and construction, eye injuries were also very common and a leading cause of injury.

Finally, the report also provided details on the most expensive workplace injuries. Amputations, electrical shock, crushing injuries, dislocations, and multiple trauma injuries led to the most expensive workers’ compensation claims. While workers with more costly claims should be especially aware of the need to get help with a claim for workers’ comp benefits, every worker deserves to have costs covered if they are hurt on-the-job.

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