Older Workers & Minority Workers Face Bigger Atlanta Workplace Death Risks

The risk of death on-the-job is not equal among all professions, with workers in certain high-risk professions facing a much more substantial danger of on-the-job injuries and on-the-job fatalities. The discrepancy in death rates among workers of different industries is not the only discrepancy faced either. Safety BLR reported on troubling new data from the AFL-CIO, which indicates that minority workers may be at greater risk of dying on-the-job and which shows that the death rates for older workers are rising. Atlanta workplace fatalities

All workers, regardless of their age, race, gender, national origin, or other status deserve to have a safe worksite. When an injury happens on-the-job, the affected workers or their family members should consult with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to find out about workers’ comp injury or death benefits.

Report Shows Minorities & Older Workers at Risk of Atlanta Workplace Deaths

Safety BLR provided information on the recent AFL-CIO report entitled Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect. According to this report, there were more than 4,820 workers killed on the job over the course of 2014 and there were another 50,000 to 60,000 deaths due to occupational diseases during this same time period. This means that there was a “daily net loss of nearly 150 workers from preventable workplace injuries and illnesses.”

Of the workers who were killed, Latino workers had much higher fatality rates compared with workers of other ethnic backgrounds. Over the course of 2014 alone, 804 Latino workers were killed while they were doing their jobs. This is significantly higher than the national rate of workplace deaths.

The AFL-CIO report also showed that there was an increase in fatality among workers who were older, and revealed that workplace violence has become an increasingly serious risk for women working in the healthcare profession. Over the past five years, there has been a steady rise in incidents in which female healthcare workers are victimized.

The AFL-CIO believes the report, the rise in fatalities among older workers, and the discrepancies in death rates of minority workers all show that there is a troubling lack of job safety oversight. The report indicates OSHA can inspect a workplace an average of once every 145 years, as the agency is so understaffed. In 1992, when the first Death on the Job report was issued, OSHA was able to inspect a workplace once every 84 years. Obviously, this was still inadequate but things have become much worse.

Because of the lack of inspections, too many employers end up cutting safety corners and putting workers (especially those who are older and especially minorities) at risk of being hurt or even killed at work. Employees need to know what their rights are when it comes to workplace injuries and need to make a serious effort to ensure they are able to recover the benefits they deserve if they get hurt at work.

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