Could a Higher Atlanta Worker Fatality Rate Also Increase Suicide Risks?

Working a dangerous job increases the chances of dying while performing work duties. Year-after-year, data shows people in certain sectors are more likely to be killed on-the-job. While a death can happen anywhere while performing work duties, the working conditions and physical demands that certain jobs place on the body simply results in a greater chance of a fatal injury happening in some professions as compared with others. Atlanta workplace fatalities

Every death due to work is a tragic one which causes unspeakable loss. When the fatality happens on-the-job, however, at least there is some protection for survivors. If a worker is killed while performing his work tasks, Atlanta workers’ compensation benefits should be there to provide for his family and make sure his dependents are cared for.

The problem is, evidence suggests that employees who work in some of the highest-risk professions where death is most likely to occur also tend to have higher rates of suicide. Some experts believe this elevated risk of death by suicide is due, at least in part, to the stress of a high-risk job.

Could A Higher Atlanta Worker Fatality Rate Increase Risks of Death By Suicide?

The American Council on Science and Health looked at data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and conducted an assessment of which industries had the greatest chances of workers dying. The relevant measure used in the data was not the total number of workers killed in each sector, because this doesn’t take into account the differences in the number of people working in each different industry. Obviously, if there are many more workers doing one particular high-risk profession than another, there would be more deaths in that field. To get an accurate assessment of risks across different professions, the researchers looked at death rates per 100,000 workers.

The research found the profession with the highest rate of death was farming, fishing, and forestry. The death rate for people in this profession is 24.7 fatalities for every 100,000 farming, fishing, and forestry workers.  The industry with the second highest death rate, which also happened to have the highest total number of workers killed, was transportation and material moving. A total of 1,346 transportation workers and material workers died over the course of the year, resulting in a death rate of 15.4 employees. Construction and extraction came in third in terms of death rates among workers, with installation, repair and maintenance coming in fourth. These industries respectively had death rates of 12.1 workers killed per 100,000 people in the profession and 8.1 workers killed per 100,000 people in the profession.

While it is perhaps expected that these particular industries are especially dangerous, it is also important to realize people in these sectors tend to have some of the highest suicide rates. Farming, fishing, and forestry workers had the highest rate of death by suicide, followed by people in construction and extraction and then by people in installation, maintenance, and repair worker. The American Council on Science and Health indicated that several experts, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, believe the high suicide rates could potentially be linked to high levels of stress in dangerous jobs.

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