Do Employees Think Companies Care About Atlanta Workplace Safety?

When workers believe their employer cares about safety, this can make a big impact in how employees treat all workplace safety issues that arise. Companies that hire staff have an obligation to create a culture of safety in order to help save lives. This means providing the right protective gear, emphasizing the importance of avoiding injury, and providing appropriate staff training. Atlanta workplace safety

Unfortunately, far too many employers don’t think the companies they work for care enough about keeping them safe on a daily basis. If companies don’t care about their workers, this is likely to create substantial problems in the future.

Employers should invest in helping to facilitate the creation of the safest worksite possible. Employers will benefit from providing their workers with a safe environment since they can keep morale up, reduce turnover, reduce injury rates, and avoid Atlanta workers’ compensation claims and OSHA fines. If employers change the way they approach safety issues, staff should notice and both safety and employer/employee relations should improve.

Employees Don’t Think Their Companies Care About Atlanta Workplace Safety

National Safety Council (NSC) conducted a study recently with the goal of finding out how employees think their companies do when it comes to safety issues. Around 2,000 workers were interviewed, and Safety News Alert reported on the results of the questioning.

The results showed around a third of all workers don’t think safety matters very much to the people they work for. In fact, 33 percent of the employees across all sectors said their employers valued maximizing production more than the employers valued creating a safe place to work.

In two of the sectors which repeatedly have the highest death and injury rates across all industries, the number of employees claiming their companies don’t prioritize safety issues was much higher.  In total 60 percent of construction workers believe productivity is being put above safety. Of those who work in fishing, forestry, and agriculture, on the other hand, 52 percent of people agreed with the sentiment that it was productivity and not safety which employers were prizing.

With so much focus on productivity, the culture in many worksite is not really able to address the safety needs of staff. For example, 49 percent of contract or temp workers said they didn’t feel comfortable reporting safety issue because they were worried about the consequences.

Again, those in the highest-risk sectors had differing theories about the issue, with 62 percent saying their construction employers do not offer then any more than the minimum required by law when it comes to safety.  In the agriculture, fishing, forestry and hunting sector, resistance to safety compared with productivity has spread throughout the workforce. In total, 41 percent of those surveyed indicated employees were expressing various degrees of resistance to worker safety efforts.

Hopefully, with positive change on the part of companies who aren’t currently putting safety first, job practices will evolve and become better able to balance both productivity and worker protection.

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