When Work has an Adverse Impact on the Health of Atlanta Workers

The work that you do, and the things which you are exposed to at work, can have an impact on your health. Unfortunately, that impact is not a positive one for many workers. Safety BLR reported recently on a survey of more than 1,600 workers who were asked about how their jobs affected their overall health. The results of the study were not good in terms of employee opinion about what their jobs were doing to their bodies. atlanta work illness

In some situations when work impacts your health, you can be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if toxic exposure makes you sick or if you suffer an overexertion or repetitive stress injury from repeated stress on your body, you should be compensated for what has happened to you.

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with help in taking action when your work makes you sick or hurt.  If you believe work conditions are jeopardizing your health, you can also speak up and let your employer and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) know about the issues.

Working Conditions May be Causing Atlanta Work Illnesses and Injuries

According to the recent survey of more than 1,600 workers, one out of six reported their current job is having an adverse and negative impact on their health.  People who work in retail, people who have disabilities, individuals in lower paying professions, and people who work in excess of 50 hours over the course of a week were the most likely group to indicate that their job was affecting their health in negative ways.

In total, 44 percent of working adults indicated that their job is affecting their health in some way, but only 28 percent indicated the impact of their job was having a positive effect. This means close to half of the population believes that conditions at their work are harming them in some way which is having a physical impact.

Some of the many sources of health issues which employees reported their work caused included elevated stress levels; as well as interference with their sleeping and eating habits. Employees also said their job was having an impact on their weight.  There were some particular issues which concerned workers as well, including the exposure to chemicals or contaminants in the workplace and exposure to harmful chemicals in the workplace. Chemical and toxic exposure was cited as the most serious health concern by the majority of employees who said their jobs were affecting their health.

Unfortunately, around a quarter of the people who were surveyed said their workplace was either “fair or poor in providing a health environment,” and around half of surveyed works said their workplaces provided only fair or poor food options.  The good news was, around half the workers said their employers did offer health and wellness programs. However, more bad news came in the form of 55 print of workers saying they go to work when they are sick with the flu or have a cold. The people going to work sick often work in professions where they could infect others. For example, 60 percent of healthcare workers and 50 percent of restaurant workers said they go to work sick.

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