Top Reasons to Make a Workers’ Comp Claim After an Atlanta Workplace Death

If your family member has been killed at work, it is natural to be devastated by the loss. A workplace death is one of the most tragic losses a person can experience, especially because workplace fatalities are so often preventable.  Unfortunately, workplace deaths do happen, and families have to deal with the aftermath. Atlanta workers' compensation death benefits

When a death occurs on-the-job, it is important for family members to understand what their rights and options are. Workers’ compensation death benefits may be available, as long as you can prove that the death was work-related.

Death benefits can be available after a death due to illness or injury, and an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with assistance in making your benefits claim.

Why Make a Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits Claim?

It is important to make a workers’ compensation claim for benefits after a death for lots of different reasons.  Some of the key reasons why you should make your claim include:

  • Meeting the deadline. You have only a limited amount of time to make a workers’ compensation death benefit claim. If you wait, you may not be able to get the benefits that you are entitled to under Georgia law. Even if you do not necessarily think your family will need the money right now, you don’t want to face later financial hardship and not be able to get benefits.
  • Avoiding financial loss. When someone in your family dies who was contributing income to your household, the loss of this income can affect your financial stability. You may have been counting on the money from the deceased person’s wages to pay the bills and cover household expenses. If this money is not coming in any more, you could be in dire financial straits. Workers’ comp death benefits, which are based on a percentage of the deceased’s weekly wages, can help you to continue to maintain your lifestyle even with the deceased person gone.
  • Covering funeral costs. Funerals are expensive. You should not be forced to pay out of pocket for a funeral of the deceased person when he was killed as a result of his work tasks.
  • You’re entitled to this compensation. Georgia law provides death benefits to close family members of someone who has passed away because it is important that families be cared for. Employers pay for workers’ compensation coverage in order to make certain that this money will be available when a workplace fatality occurs. You should get the money that the law says you are entitled to receive.

It can be hard to go through the process of making a workers’ compensation death benefit claim when someone you love has passed away and you are dealing with the aftermath of that loss. Let an experienced attorney assist you in the process of making your benefits claim so you can get the compensation that you deserve.

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