Atlanta Workers’ Comp Appeals Can be a Challenge

In Atlanta, workers who get hurt on-the-job should get workers’ compensation benefits. Injured employees deserve these benefits because they should not have to cover losses that happen due to illness or injury resulting from their job tasks. Atlanta workers' compensation lawyer

Unfortunately, sometimes employees are denied benefits that they should have. This can happen for lots of different reasons, from insurers claiming certain medical treatments are not necessary to a claim that an injury or illness doesn’t actually count as a work-related one.

Regardless of why injury claims are denied, it is devastating for employees when they are. Workers’ comp may be your only option to get benefits or any compensation at all from an employer since you aren’t allowed to sue employers for work-related injuries. Since you may have no other way to get medical bills or other costs paid, it is important to get help from an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer during the appeals process.

Appealing an Atlanta Workers’ Comp Denial is Difficult

Appealing an Atlanta workers’ compensation claim denial is a challenge for a lot of different reasons. Many people simply do not know that they can appeal, are not sure of what the appeals process actually entails do not know the deadlines or do not know how to submit an appeal.

Even if you are aware of the possibility of appealing, you may not be certain of what kinds of information to include, what arguments to make, or how you can be successfully at getting an unfavorable decision overturned. The process is highly technical and it helps to have an attorney who understands the administrative workers’ compensation appeals system who can put together a strong appeal on your behalf.

Yet another reason why workers’ comp appeals are so challenging is because workers’ comp insurers have a lot of experts helping them to put together solid arguments for why injured employees should not get coverage.

Workers’ comp insurers also have a lot of political leverage, and have been working on getting laws changed throughout the United States in ways that harm the interest of workers.

NBC Bay Area, for example, reported recently that the deck is stacked against injured employees who appeal workers’ comp claim denials in California.  In California, there were 600,000 cases in which injured workers were denied medical treatment by workers’ compensation insurers.  Many injured workers appealed, but the denials of benefits were reportedly upheld in 90 percent of cases.

Every state is different, but numbers like this are troubling for injured workers who have to try to navigate the workers’ comp appeals system at the same time as they also deal with getting medical treatment and coping with the physical effects of their injuries. Injured employees deserve to have their own knowledgeable advocates helping them during the appeals process, so involving a workers’ compensation lawyer becomes important.

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