Bad Jobs Can Affect the Health of Atlanta Workers

Atlanta workers who get hurt at work can get workers’ comp benefits.  If exposure to toxins at work results in an employee developing an illness, the affected worker should also be entitled to coverage for the illness and for disability if the sickness affects job abilities. atlanta workplace illness

In some cases, it is clear an injury or illness is work-related because it occurs immediately after an accident or right after exposure to chemicals or toxins. In other circumstances, the injury or illness develops over time, such as a repetitive stress injury. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in proving an injury or illness was work-related in order to ensure you can get the benefits you need.

While these are situations where you should be able to clearly show that your work can affect your health, there are also other circumstances as well where your job affect your well-being. In fact, Safety BLR reported recently that new studies have shown a bad job can affect your health for decades.

How a Bad Job Can Impact the Health of Atlanta Workers

According to the recent reports from Safety BLR, researchers at Ohio State University recently conducted a comprehensive study to determine the impact of job satisfaction on both physical and mental health. Data from more than 6,400 Americans was reviewed in order to assess how a job affected the health of employees in different fields.

The research revealed that people who were not happy with their work early on in their careers reported higher levels of depression, higher levels of stress, and increased difficulty sleeping.  The impact of this dissatisfaction had a cumulative impact. By the time a worker who was dissatisfied reached his 40’s, that worker was likely to experience a number of health problems if he had continually low job satisfaction. The increased levels of anxiety, for example, resulted in higher levels of cardiovascular disease, as well as other physical and emotional problems.

Those who began their careers with low satisfaction levels but who improved their satisfaction over time fared significantly better, health wise, than either people whose satisfaction levels stayed consistently low or people who began with promising jobs but whose career satisfaction levels fell.  People with consistently high job satisfaction levels also scored higher on metal health screening measures. A total of five different mental health screening measures were used to assess the emotional impact of a bad job.

While general poor health due to a stressful job is not usually going to qualify you for workers’ comp benefits, any illness and injury that is work-related should entitle you to coverage.  It will be up to you to prove how your job caused your health condition if you wish to receive coverage. Find out from an attorney whether your health conditions should entitle you to workers’ comp benefits.

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