Top 10 OSHA Citations in 2016

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites companies for failure of those organizations to follow workplace safety rules aimed at preventing serious work injuries. Unfortunately, there are many companies which take risks with their employee’s lives by failing to offer appropriate training, necessary protective gear, and a work environment that is reasonably safe from hazards.Atlanta work injury violations

Many companies repeatedly make the same types of mistakes year-after-year, causing common work injuries to happen. Just recently, OSHA released a list of the top 10 most violated workplace safety standards resulting in citations. These violations are far too common and put the lives of every employee in jeopardy. If you are the victim of one of these workplace safety violations, you need to contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer. In fact, if you are hurt for any reason at work, whether your employer has violated the rules or not, you need to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal rights. 

Top 10 OSHA Citations in 2016

The top 10 most common violations which resulted in OSHA citations for companies included:

  1. Violations of fall protection standards
  2. Violations of hazard communication standards
  3. Violations of rules related to scaffolding, including assembly and maintenance.
  4. Violations of standards requiring respiratory protection. Proper fit testing is a common problem.
  5. Violations of lock out / tag out rules: OSHA now requires employers to promptly report when an amputation occurs. This has increased reporting on workplace injuries related to lock out / tag out violations and has caused this violation to move up in the list of reasons employers receive OSHA citations.
  6. Forklift safety violations: This is continually one of the top 10 reasons for companies to be cited by OSHA.
  7. Ladder safety violations: Employers have been cited for failing to establish policies forbidding workers from standing on the top step of a ladder and for failing to establish policies that would prohibit employees from using broken ladders.
  8. Machine guarding violations: This used to be the ninth most common reason for OSHA to cite companies. However, amputation reporting requirements have also resulted in more employers being caught for machine guarding violations so this moved one slot up the list of the most common violations.
  9. Violations of safety rules related to electrical wiring methods: One of the most common reasons employers are cited under this standard is because of unsafe use of extension cords.
  10. Violations of general requirements related to electrical work: Improper installation is among the issues resulting in employers being cited for this violation.

It is important for workers to remember that they don’t have to prove a violation happened and they do not have to prove negligence or wrongdoing in order to be eligible for workers’ comp. Any time you were hurt while doing your job, you should talk with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to determine if you are entitled to benefits or not.

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