Retail Workers and Holiday Work Accident Risks in Atlanta

The holiday shopping season is approaching quickly. While this time of year can be a joyous time for shoppers who love to hit the malls to get bargains and find the perfect gifts for loved ones, it can be a stressful and dangerous time for retail workers. Each year, injuries happen during big shopping events that take place over the holiday season.  When these injuries occur, retail workers need to know what their options are.

Atlanta Work Injury

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to retail workers or to other employees who are hurt over the holidays. If you suffer an injury during the festive season, or at any time of the year, you should call a lawyer to get assistance in making a claim for medical benefits, lost wages, and other losses your workplace injury has caused you to suffer.

Holiday Workplace Accident Risks for Atlanta Retail Workers

One of the biggest dangers for retail workers during the holiday season is the risk of injuries due to big crowds. Many stores will run specials on Black Friday and on other key days during the shopping season. These specials can feature door busters and other products designed to attract consumers. Unfortunately, people line up outside of stores to take advantage of these bargains and sometimes they do not wait patiently. Each year, there are stories of people being trampled or crushed in an effort to buy discounted holiday goods.

Retail workers, often without crowd control training or experience, may be left to deal with these massive crowds. A store worker could easily be hurt if they accidentally get in the path of a rushing crowd eager to get to bargains. Retail store employees who are trying to manage the crowd could also be at risk of accidental injury

During the holiday season, there is also an added threat of violence which retail workers have to contend with. Many criminals seek to take advantage of holiday crowds by stealing items from stores or by robbing stores. The retail workers who are at these shops could end up getting hurt if a botched attempt to steal something turns violent.

There are other added risk for retail workers as well. Most stores get a substantial amount of additional inventory over the holiday season. Processing this inventory could put employees at risk of hurting their backs or suffering other repetitive stress or overexertion injury. Moving inventory up and down from high shelves could also lead to falls.

Retail workers must be aware of the dangerous conditions which can exist during the holidays so they can try to stay safe. If something goes wrong and a store worker is hurt, the injured victim should speak with a legal professional about how to make a workers’ compensation claim to get all of the injury costs covered.

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