Tips to Create a Safer Office and Avoid Atlanta Work Injuries

Every employee deserves a safe space to work. When you think of workplace risks, you probably think of construction jobs or other physical jobs where there is a substantial chance of injury. While it is true that there is more danger in these professions, office workers can face injury and be hurt too. Safety and Health Magazine provided some tips recently on hidden dangers in an office environment and on how to make your office safer to reduce the chances of problems occurring. atlanta workplace office injuries

If you do get injured in an office, you should understand what your options are and should take action to try to get workers’ comp benefits. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help you to make a claim so you can get payment for treatment costs for your injury as well as other benefits including disability payments if your injury affects your ability to earn wages.

Tips to Create a Safer Office and Avoid Atlanta Work Injuries

More than 80,000 administrative and private industry office workers get hurt each year. Many of these injuries can be prevented by following better safety practices. Tips include:

  • Keeping walkways clear and minimizing clutter: If there are boxes or other items piled up in walkways, a tripping hazard could result in fall injuries.
  • Keep a stepladder on hand. Many office workers end up standing on desks and chairs, including rolling chairs, when they need to reach something high off the ground. Providing a step ladder can help to make sure this does not happen.
  • Use flooring aimed at reducing falls: Some types of tile can become very slippery, causing falls to happen. Skid-resistant surfacing like carpets can be a safer material for office floors.
  • Keep file cabinet drawers closed, and consider securing file cabinets. Heavy filing cabinets could tip forward if too many drawers are open and the cabinet is left unsecured.
  • Store heavy items properly: Watch for load capacities on shelves and keep heavier items lower to the ground to reduce the risk of these items falling off and crushing someone.
  • Provide adjustable equipment for office workstations: A worker needs to have an appropriately sized desk, chair, and other office equipment so that he can sit with the proper posture and reduce the chance of developing repetitive stress or other soft tissue injuries.
  • Train workers on equipment placement and use: Employees should learn where to keep their keyboard, mouse pad, and other commonly used equipment and should be trained on how to use equipment in such a way as to reduce the chances of ergonomic injuries occurring.

Unfortunately, even if an employer tries to create a safe workspace, things can still go wrong. If you are hurt on-the-job, you should contact an experienced attorney to find out how you can take action to get your losses covered.

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