Top Mistakes Employees Make After Atlanta Work Injuries

Workplace injuries, unfortunately, happen every day. When they occur, employees must protect themselves. This means knowing what they should do following an injury to get essential medical care and to make sure they can get the costs of their work injury losses covered. atlanta work injury

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help employees respond to the aftermath of a work injury. By consulting with a lawyer following an incident that leaves you injured, you can make certain you do not jeopardize your right to receive benefits under Georgia workers’ compensation law. 

Top Mistakes Employees Make After Atlanta Work Injuries

Workers’ comp should provide for you to get medical treatment after a work injury by covering your care costs. In situations where a work injury has impacted your ability to do your job, you should also be able to get disability benefits to cover partial or full loss of income on a temporary or permanent basis.

Unfortunately, after a work injury happens, employers can inadvertently make mistakes that could hurt their ability to get the important benefits that can help them and their families to cope with the injury aftermath. Some of the common mistakes made after Atlanta work injuries happen include the following:

  • Not reporting the injury to an employer: Sometimes, workers don’t report because they don’t think the injury is a big issue or because they don’t want to make trouble. If you have safety incentives at work that provide rewards for no injuries, you may feel pressured not to report. You cannot give into this. You need to report your injury if you want to preserve your ability to get coverage through workers’ comp. Report even injuries that may initially seem minor, as you never know when they will become a big problem.
  • Not getting prompt medical care: If you initially think the injury isn’t that bad, you may decide to try to just work through the pain. This is a bad plan. Not only could you make your injury worse, but it could become harder to prove you suffered a work-related injury if you do not have the proper documentation showing when and how you were hurt.
  • Downplaying the extent of injury: You need to be honest about the extent of your injury to make sure you get the actual coverage you need for the specific injuries you have.

If you contact an attorney following your work injury, you are not going to make these mistakes or make any other errors that jeopardize your rights under workers’ comp. Employees cannot sue employers, so that means if a workers’ comp claim is denied you may be left without any coverage for your damages and losses affecting you and your family because of what happened at work. You cannot afford to make mistakes when it comes to getting your medical care paid for and getting the income you need to live on if your injury has stopped you from working.

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