Temporary Workers Over the Holidays are at Risk of Atlanta work Accidents

During the holiday season, there are many employers who must bring in seasonal workers. Hiring seasonal workers is common at this time of year in the hospitality industry, in retail, in landscaping for holiday decorations, and in other industries where demand rises around the holidays. atlanta holiday work injury

Unfortunately, many of the temp workers who are hired during the holiday season can face serious risks of on-the-job injury. Workers who are brought in to do a job only for a brief period will not have the knowledge or experience to do their job tasks with the same level of skill as full-time workers. Not only does this endanger the temp employees, but it can also put other staff members at increased risk as well.

If a temp worker is injured, he or she may still be entitled to work injury benefits, just as a full-time worker should receive coverage. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide guidance to temporary workers on determining what rights, if any, they have to receive benefits following an injury on-the-job. 

Why are Temporary Workers at Risk of Holiday Work Accidents in Atlanta?

Temporary workers can face increased injury risks, and can increase the risk of injury to other staff members, for many different reasons. Some of the possible reasons why there is a more substantial chance of an injury occurring on-the-job for temp workers include:

  • Temp workers may not have the same level of training as full-time staff. It is common for companies to do abbreviated training or even no training at all for temp workers who are hired only for the holiday season. Companies don’t always want to invest the time to provide comprehensive instruction for workers who are going to be doing a job only for a short period. The problem is, without training, workers may not know how to avoid dangerous situations or how to react if something goes wrong at work.
  • Temp workers don’t have the experience of full-time staff members: Even with training, temporary workers don’t have the same background or experience as a full time worker who does a job day-in-and-day out. Without this type of real-world experience, a temp worker may simply not know how to be as safe and effective at doing work tasks.
  • Temp workers don’t form strong relationships with co-workers: People who work together all the time get good at communicating in shorthand and can work seamlessly together to accomplish tasks in a safe way. This rapport does not exist with temp workers, and there could be problems in the chain of communication or in worker interactions that undermine efforts at safety.

If you are a temporary or full-time worker and you sustain an injury while doing work tasks, you should contact an experienced legal professional to find out the options you have for receiving benefits.

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