Do Successful Atlanta Businesses Face a Lower Risk of Workplace Injury?

More than 3.5 million injuries occur annually at workplaces throughout the United States.  These injuries can occur across all different industries and can affect employees in a wide variety of ways.  Unfortunately, though, some workers are at a greater risk of being hurt or killed than others. There are lots of factors that impact how safe a person’s workplace is, but recent research suggests that one risk factor relates to whether the company is a successful one or not. atlanta work injury

Regardless of whether your employer is doing well or not, you deserve a safe environment to do your job.  Your safety should not suffer as a worker, even if your employer faces cashflow issues.  If you do get hurt because of your work tasks, you must understand what your rights are. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can offer assistance with pursuing a benefits claim and can help you to understand the circumstances under which a claim can be made for work injury benefits.

Atlanta Work Injury Risks at Less Successful Companies

The research suggesting a correlation between a company’s success and the risk of work injury comes from a study conducted at the University of Texas at Dallas. It was reported on by Safety BLR. The researchers at the University conducted a comprehensive assessment of the impact of a company’s finances on work injury rates. The researchers used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to make their assessments.

The researchers found that:

  • When a company’s debt increase, work injury rates rise.
  • When a company has negative cash flow, work injury rates increase.
  • If a company has positive cash flow, the rates of work injury go down.
  • If a company’s value declines, an increase in injury rates happens.

There are reasons posited for why a company’s financial situation can have a big impact on work injury risks. If a company is struggling financially, the owner of the business has to prioritize what money is spent on. There are pressing and immediate needs, like paying suppliers, which tend to take priority over investing in the safety of workers.

When a company is struggling, the business may spend less money on upgrading machinery or equipment, and may not maintain the equipment is has. This can lead to an enhanced work injury risk. The company is less likely to invest in training on safety matters, and the business may not buy the best or newest safety equipment to keep workers safe. Failing to invest in the health of staff members is shortsighted and reduces both productivity and employee morale, but it happens all the time.

Of course, regardless of how much an employer does, or does not, invest, a worker injured on-the-job is entitled to get costs associated with a workplace injury covered. Contact an attorney for help making a claim for benefits if you got hurt due to your work tasks.

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