Atlanta Workplace Illness and Injuries Rise with Economic Growth

If the economy gets better, everyone’s standard of living should rise. Unfortunately, there could be a big downside to economic growth. In fact, just recently, Safety News Alert reported on a troubling rise in fatalities when the economy of an industrialized society is improving.  Both workplace injuries and workplace illnesses rise during boom times, which contributes to the rising number of fatalities. atlanta workplace illness

An Atlanta work accident lawyer can help workers and their families if illness or death occurs because of job duties. Whether you get sick or suffer chronic or acute injuries, you should be entitled to receive benefits through Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. These benefits could include coverage for medical care, disability benefits, or death benefits for dependents following a death. Contact an attorney as soon as illness or injury happens so you can get your claim underway immediately.

According to Safety News Alert, researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) competed a comprehensive research project which assessed the link between economic growth and death rates. Data from 32 different countries was collected which spanned 200 years. The researchers looked at gross domestic product (GDP) as a measure of each company’s economic output. The researchers also looked at mortality rates.

Based on this research, it was discovered that more growth is linked to higher mortality. In fact, in situations where economic output in an industrial economy is five percent in excess of what is expected, adults within that society have a one percent greater risk of dying.

There are a few primary reasons for the elevated risk of death within a booming economy in an industrialized society. The biggest factor that causes more deaths to happen is a rapid increase in pollution caused by enhanced economic activity. As much as 2/3 of the increased risk of death can be attributed to higher rates of pollution.  If you are exposed to toxins or pollutants at work, this could result in workplace illness. As long as you prove the illness happened due to the job, this is a situation where workers’ comp benefits should be available to you.

Occupational hazards are another primary reason why more people die in a booming industrialized economy.  Obviously, in better economic times, there is more demand for workers and lower rates of unemployment. If more people are actively working, there are more employees with the potential to be hurt and thus more deaths happen.

A third issue is an increase in driving. More people are on the roads if the economy is good, and more traffic means more traffic collisions. If you are driving while doing your job, you should be entitled to a workers’ compensation benefits claim just as you would be if you got hurt doing any other essential work tasks. This is true not just of truckers, delivery people and others whose job is focused on driving, but also of anyone who has to drive for any reason as an essential work task.

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