What are the Jobs with the Highest Atlanta Work Injury Risks?

Any Atlanta worker could be hurt at work, from a construction laborer to an office worker. Accidents can happen anywhere, causing serious injuries or even deaths. Unfortunately, there are certain workers who face a much more substantial risk of harm just from doing their jobs. Employees in dangerous positions need to be aware of the risks they face and employers in these dangerous industries should take extra precautions to try to prevent things from going wrong. Atlanta work injury

If a problem occurs at work and an employee is hurt or killed, the injured worker or his family should reach out to an Atlanta work injury lawyer. An attorney can offer invaluable guidance in making certain the worker or his dependents are able to get the full benefits available under Georgia law.

Jobs With the Highest Risk of Work Injury or Death in Atlanta

Business Insider published a list recently of the 10 most dangerous employment positions within the United States. The most dangerous jobs include:

  • Construction work: Construction labor is very dangerous due to the risks of machinery malfunction, falls, falling objects, electrical accidents, and more.
  • Corrections officer: Corrections officers work in a high-risk environment where there is a significant threat of violence happening every day.
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT): EMTs or first responders often suffer repetitive stress and overexertion injuries due to the need to physically move patients. Because EMTs often must respond to violent and dangerous situations, there is also a significant risk of harm.
  • Farmer: Farmers face overexertion risks due to the physical nature of their work, as well as a threat of injury due to problems with tractors and other farm equipment and machinery.
  • Firefighter: Firefighters face the risk of burn injuries and smoke inhalation, as well as a risk of violence due to responding in dangerous situations.
  • Nurse’s Assistant: Nurse’s assistants face risks of overexertion and repetitive stress from moving patients, as well as the chances of being victimized by violent patients.
  • Law Enforcement Officer: Law enforcement officers put themselves in harm’s way every day, frequently responding to violent situations. They are also at risk of traffic accident injuries during traffic stops.
  • Taxi driver: Violence and auto accidents are two primary causes of injury to drivers of taxis.
  • Truck driver: Truckers face a risk of collision injuries or fatalities. Violence is also a possibility if an attempted truck theft occurs.
  • Veterinarian: Working with animals can be dangerous due to the potential to be kicked, bitten, or scratched by animal patients who are receiving medical care.

If you get hurt doing these jobs, or if you are hurt doing any work tasks in any profession, you should be aware that Georgia law protects you. Contact an Atlanta work injury lawyer to find out what options you have for getting benefits and compensation.

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