Will Cutting Regulations Impact Atlanta Workplace Safety?

There are many regulations that are passed by federal agencies which impact the lives of workers. Employees are generally the most directly impacted by regulations passed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). However, employees could be affected by regulations from other agencies as well, including the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), among many others.  Atlanta work accident

Now, there is a substantial chance that many regulations will be rolled back and that it will become more difficult for new regulations to pass. If efforts do not move forward to protect workers and if rules are rolled back that impact employee safety, there is a chance that employees could face greater risks of work injury. If an employee is hurt on-the-job, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted to provide assistance to the injured worker in getting benefits.

Will Cutting Regulations Cause More Atlanta Work Injuries?

According to CNBC, the potential cuts to regulations that could occur over the next several years could be substantial and dramatic. President Donald J. Trump met with 10 business executives on the Monday after his inauguration to announce his intentions to roll back the regulatory state.  He announced at this meeting that his intention is to reduce regulations by 75 percent, or more. This promise is in keeping with statements that were made while on the campaign trail in which President Trump asserted that regulations were stifling growth and killing jobs.

It remains to be seen if this effort to reduce regulation is actually successful, as rolling back rules made by regulatory agencies is a lengthy process. The impact of cutting back on regulations and eliminating agency rules is also going to vary depending upon what types of regulations end up being cut. There are thousands of regulations, some of which may be outdated or may not actually have had a measurable impact on safety. There are other rules that have done a lot to protect workers.  Hopefully, when efforts move forward to cut regulations, attention will be paid to which rules serve a beneficial purpose and those rules can be preserved.

Smarter regulations are not necessarily a bad thing, but there also must be a careful balancing act between reducing regulations to create jobs and encourage business growth and putting worker safety at risk by allowing employers to disregard initiatives that lessen the chance of work injuries and workplace illnesses.

Employers should want to prevent work injury, regardless of regulation, so they can avoid the damage to the business that comes from a  serious injury or death… not to mention protecting their workers and preventing loss of life. Still, it will be important to observe how changes in regulation and a rollback of rules affect the safety of employees throughout the United States.

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