Top Causes of Disabling Injury for Atlanta Workers

The risk of workplace injuries is substantial. In some tragic cases, an injury has lasting effects. It can be disabling, leaving a worker with permanent impairments. A disabling injury can change every aspect of an employee’s life, including making it difficult for an injured worker to be able to effectively earn a living due to his impairments. Atlanta Work Injury

If you suffer a disabling injury, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in making a claim for benefits. Not only does workers’ comp cover the costs of your medical treatment, but you can also get full or partial disability benefits in any situation where your work-related injury stops you from being able to work or limits wages by reducing the jobs that you are able to do.  There are certain common causes of injury which are most likely to result in disability and which can necessitate these benefits and you should be aware of the risks of disabling work accidents.

Top Causes of Disabling Atlanta Work Injuries

Liberty Mutual publishes a Workplace Safety Index which details the common causes of disabling work injury. According to the data made available by Liberty Mutual, the top causes of disabling workplace injuries include:

  • Falling on the same level. This was the cause of 17.7 percent of disabling work injuries and the total costs of falls on the same level was $10.62 billion.
  • Falling down to a lower level. This type of fall caused 9.2 percent of disabling work injuries and the total costs of falling to a lower level were $5.5 billion.
  • Being hit by equipment or hit by an object. In total, 7.4 percent of disabling work injuries occurred as a result of a worker being struck by objects or equipment. Costs were $4.43 billion.
  • Bodily reactions or exertions: The 6.5 percent of disabling injuries from this cause resulted in costs of $3.89 billion.
  • Incidents on roads involving motorized land vehicles: A total of 6.5 percent of disabling work injuries happened due to this cause, and the total cost of these injuries was $3.7 billion.
  • Slipping or tripping but not falling: Slips and trips caused 3.8 percent of work-related disabilities and the total costs of slips and trips was $2.3 billion.
  • Being compressed by objects or equipment or getting caught in equipment: Estimated costs were $1.95 billion to cover the 3.3 percent of injuries from this cause.
  • Getting struck against equipment or objects: A total of 3.2 percent of disabling work injuries happened when a worker was struck against objects. Costs were $1.95 billion.
  • Repetitive motion injuries caused by doing micro-tasks, which cost $1.81 billion and caused three percent of disabling work injuries.

The total costs of all of these work injuries was close to $50 billion. The top 10 causes of disabling injuries this year remained the same as last year. Employers should be aware of these repeated causes of disabling injury and should take steps to try to prevent harm.

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