How Inadequate Lighting Increases Atlanta Work Injury Risks

Dark workplaces can be unsafe workplaces, as it is more difficult for employees to see hazards and correct or avoid dangerous conditions. A dark worksite also makes slips, trips and falls more likely.  Employees could be seriously harmed due to accidents that are caused by inadequate lighting. Injured workers who get hurt on-the-job due to an incident that occurs because of improper lighting should talk with an Atlanta work injury lawyer about their options for making a benefits claim. Atlanta work injury causes

Although injured employees should be able to obtain workers’ comp benefits that cover their medical costs and pay disability income if they temporarily or permanently cannot work, suffering a work injury can still cause significant personal hardship for an injured employee.

Prevention of work injuries is vital to spare workers pain, suffering, and life-changing symptoms caused by on-the-job accidents. Fortunately, preventing injuries attributed to inadequate lighting should be relatively easy as it is a simple matter of improving lighting conditions. Safety BLR has some tips to help ensure that inadequate lighting doesn’t put Atlanta employees at risk.

Preventing Atlanta Work Injuries By Improving Lighting Conditions

Safety BLR provides a few simple tips on improving lighting conditions, including cleaning light fixtures on worksites, painting walls and ceilings with light colored pain, and letting in natural light by ensuring windows are not obstructed and even by adding skylights. Using motion sensors to turn lights on in darker areas, installing task lighting, and using matte paints and appropriate blinds to reduce glare can also help to improve safety on worksites.

Taking these steps is important because, as Safety BLR explains, there are numerous reasons why companies should make the effort to improve lighting conditions so better lighting can make worksites safer. Better lighting makes it easier for workers to avoid collisions and to see tripping hazards. It is easier to perform equipment inspections and to read warning labels when the lighting is better, and workers who work under bright lighting are much more alert than if lighting is dimmer. This is especially important for third shift workers.

Eyestrain is also reduced by improving lighting, and workplaces that are more well-lit are more secure, thus reducing the chances that an employee will fall victim to an act of workplace violence.  Finally, using the right lighting can also ensure that wiring and lights are not an electrocution or fire hazard.

Employers should take these steps to help prevent on-the-job accidents that could forever change a worker’s life.  However, regardless of whether an employer provides a safe and well-lit worksite or not, an injured employee is entitled to make a claim for work-injury benefits whenever he is harmed as a result of performing work tasks. Employees who suffer injury should contact an attorney for help as soon as possible to protect their rights.

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