5 Mistakes Workers Make After Suffering an Atlanta Work Injury

Suffering a work injury can change your life forever. In some cases, the injuries sustained on-the-job or an illness developed due to your job tasks can be permanent and you may never recover fully from the harm you have endured. In other circumstances, partial recovery is possible or total recovery is possible with the proper medical care and some time off.   Whether you need to take time off, undergo medical treatment, or are never able to return to work, workers’ compensation benefits should be there for you to provide disability income and to pay your medical bills.  atlanta work injury

Many workers, unfortunately, do not know their rights or they make mistakes after suffering an injury. These mistakes could make it more difficult to obtain the benefits that Georgia law says workers are entitled to. It is important for every employee to ensure he doesn’t jeopardize his or her access to workers’ comp benefits. This means avoiding common mistakes.

If you get hurt on-the-job and want to ensure you don’t make any missteps that could make getting benefits harder, contact an Atlanta work injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can guide you through the process of obtaining benefits that pay your medical bills and provide you with an income if you cannot work or your earnings are reduced. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid After an Atlanta Work Injury

An attorney will guide you throughout the entire process of making a workers’ comp claim to ensure you maximize your chances of getting full benefits. An attorney can also help to ensure you don’t make mistakes. Some of the most common mistakes Atlanta workers make when they get hurt on-the-job include:

  • Not reporting the injury to an employer right away: You want to let your employer know of the injury right away so you don’t risk missing the deadline for reporting the injury and so your employer doesn’t try to claim you’re exaggerating about what happened.
  • Not getting medical help following an injury: It’s important to get an accurate diagnosis of how severely you were hurt, both so you can get proper treatment and so you can ensure that your injuries are documented in case there are questions about how badly you were harmed.
  • Not making a workers’ comp claim: Sometimes, workers are convinced not to make a workers’ comp claim because they don’t think the injuries are that serious or because they think they can get covered though health insurance. Workers’ comp covers much more than health insurance, and you don’t want to lose the chance to make a claim if your injuries turn out to be more serious than anticipated.
  • Downplaying the severity of the injury: Don’t try to put a brave face on your injuries. You need to ensure that your employer and doctor know how badly you were hurt so you can get the full benefits you deserve.
  • Not getting legal help: If you do not talk with an attorney, you may not understand how to make the law work for you. A lawyer can help with an initial claim, with appealing any denial of benefits, and with resolving any problems that arise during the workers’ comp claim process.

There are also other things you could do to inadvertently jeopardize your access to benefits. To ensure you follow the rules for getting workers’ comp coverage in Georgia, call an attorney for help as soon as possible after you’ve been hurt.

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