What Happens if You Get a Workplace Illness Due to Toxic Exposure at an Atlanta Worksite?

Workers in all different industries could be exposed to toxic chemicals and hazardous products as a result of the work that they do on a daily basis.  Whenever a worker is exposed to a hazardous substance, it is important for the affected employee to understand what his or her rights are. Atlanta workplace illness

Exposure to dangerous chemicals or other toxins at work can make a worker very sick. Injury can occur immediately, and exposure can sometimes be fatal. In other cases, an employee exposed to toxins is not actually affected right away but can get sick months or even years in the future.

When an illness develops later in life as a result of toxic exposure at work, the employee who is made sick should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, just as the employee who suffers immediate harm due to toxic exposure should receive benefits.

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted if you believe that you got sick as a result of something you were exposed to at work. It can sometimes be challenging to prove an illness was caused by a workplace exposure to a toxin or hazard, especially if illness does not develop for a long time after the exposure. An attorney can provide assistance in finding expert witnesses or other evidence necessary to show an illness is caused by job duties. 

What Happens After an Atlanta Workplace Illness?

If you develop an illness due to your work, you need to get an accurate diagnosis of the illness. You should be entitled to receive workers’ comp coverage for medical benefits. This means your medical bills for treating the illness should all be covered by workers’ compensation.

If your illness prevents you from being able to work any more, or if it reduces the amount of money you are able to earn because it limits the jobs that you are able to do, you should also be eligible for workers’ compensation disability income. Workers’ comp benefits for disabled workers can provide a portion of lost wages to compensate you if you cannot work or if your earning power is diminished.

If the illness was a fatal one and caused an employee to die due to the exposure to toxins on the job, then the dependents of the worker who lost his life should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation death benefits.

To obtain any of these different types of benefits, you have to show the exposure happened as a direct result of work tasks. There are many different kinds of toxins that could result in a worker getting sick and being entitled to workers’ comp benefits, including asbestos, dangerous mold, silica, and a wide variety of other chemicals or products that cause respiratory distress when inhaled. An attorney will assist you in determining if you can successfully make a work injury claim based on the nature of your illness and the proof you can obtain to show that the illness was caused by your job.

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