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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites companies for failure of those organizations to follow workplace safety rules aimed at preventing serious work injuries. Unfortunately, there are many companies which take risks with their employee’s lives by failing to offer appropriate training, necessary protective gear, and a work environment that is reasonably safe from hazards.Atlanta work injury violations

Many companies repeatedly make the same types of mistakes year-after-year, causing common work injuries to happen. Just recently, OSHA released a list of the top 10 most violated workplace safety standards resulting in citations. These violations are far too common and put the lives of every employee in jeopardy. If you are the victim of one of these workplace safety violations, you need to contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer. In fact, if you are hurt for any reason at work, whether your employer has violated the rules or not, you need to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal rights.  Continue Reading

In Georgia, there are approximately 400,000 undocumented immigrants living throughout the state, according to Newsmax. Many of these undocumented immigrants are working jobs throughout Georgia, including in cities like Atlanta. This can raise important questions, like what happens if any of these undocumented immigrants get hurt on-the-job? atlanta workers' comp coverage

The Georgia courts have addressed this issue and the courts have found that undocumented immigrants are generally still going to be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. This means you should not allow your immigration status to prevent you from getting the work injury benefits that you deserve. If you got hurt as a direct result of your work duties, regardless of your lawful residency or not, you should contact an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer to find out what options you have for getting benefits that you need.

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Injured workers rely on workers’ compensation benefits to cover their costs and losses. In most cases, lawsuits aren’t possible after work-related injuries. Instead, victims get their compensation through an insurance claim made with their employer’s workers’ compensation insurer. The law determines the benefits that workers get through workers’ compensation, including ongoing disability benefits if their injuries have affected their work ability.  An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured employees to get these benefits, which they need to support themselves if their injuries affected their ongoing ability to earn a living. Atlanta workers' compensation benefits

Unfortunately, troubling new evidence suggests that not all workers are necessarily being treated equally under the workers’ compensation system. The New Yorker recently published an article indicating that women may be discriminated against in the workers’ compensation system on the basis of their gender. If this is true, this is bad news for female workers who could get hurt and end up not getting as much compensation as they truly deserve based on the extent of their workplace injuries.

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If you are sick or injured and you are not able to work, you must explore your options for getting disability income. There are a number of different kinds of benefits programs which could potentially be available to you, and you need to select the right one to maximize your monthly disability income. You should explore whether you are eligible for multiple programs and also take steps to understand the qualification requirements for all sources of disability income. atlanta workers' comp disability income

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with help in understanding different options for disability benefits. Among the different types of programs that your attorney can explain and can help you to apply for are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Atlanta workers’ compensation.

SSDI vs. Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Many employees who get sick due to their job or who experience an injury on their worksite will find themselves needing medication, among the medical treatments they receive. Paying for the cost of prescription drugs can be difficult as many health insurance policies have high deductibles, force patients onto generics or refuse to cover some essential medications. atlanta workers' compensation coverage

Those who get hurt or sick because of work tasks should not have to rely on their health insurance coverage to pay their medication costs. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help those who need medications due to workplace illnesses or injuries.

With a successful workers’ compensation claim, a workers’ compensation insurer should cover the costs of all essential medical treatments. This has become especially important due to the rising cost of medications.

Each year, an estimated 14,120 workers nationwide suffer thermal burns. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, when a worker suffers a burn injury, the median time the worker spends off-the-job is five days.  In many situations, burn injuries cause permanent disfigurement and end careers. Some burns are also fatal. Atlanta workplace burn injuries

Burns have many different causes, from faulty equipment to bad wiring on-the-jobsite. In a construction environment, however, one of the most dangerous situations likely to result in a burn injury occurring is when a gas line incident occurs.

If a gas line is punctured or gas is otherwise leaking, a devastating fire can result in a split second, changing lives forever. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help victims and their families after such a fire has occurred.

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Work injuries can be expensive, and can permanently affect your earning power. When you incur medical bills and your income is lost or reduced, it can be very stressful. Workers’ compensation laws are intended to remove this stress. Georgia law is supposed to guarantee every worker who got hurt on-the-job will have coverage for illnesses and injuries that are work related. Yes or No

Unfortunately, many workers’ comp insurers fail to provide the benefits they are supposed to when an employee gets hurt on the job and makes a claim for compensation. An Atlanta work accident lawyer can assist those who suffered injuries in appealing a denial of the benefits they deserve. Injured victims should make sure to talk with a lawyer, and should ensure they do not allow an employer’s insurer to make excuses for depriving them of the benefits that they deserve.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has the authority to require employers correct workplace safety violations. When there are hazardous conditions in violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA can impose fines and penalties and can require the problems be resolved so employees are no longer endangered by the unsafe conditions. In general, the process of OSHA taking action involves OSHA either conducting a routine inspection or conducting an inspection after a complaint is made or an injury occurs. OSHA identifies the violation, and then issues citations and mandates correction.  construction-lift-1560081

Unfortunately, OSHA is understaffed and cannot inspect all of the organizations under its purview nearly as often as the agency should. This leads to unsafe conditions persisting, which cause injury to workers and lead to Atlanta workers’ comp claims. If OSHA could be more effective with its inspections and enforcement orders, many injuries could be avoided and lives could be saved. One thing that could make a big difference is if OSHA has the authority to order enterprise-wide abatement.

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workers' comp cutsWorkers compensation laws should protect both employers and employees. Employers buy insurance coverage so if an employee gets hurt on-the-job, the employee is always covered regardless of how the injury happened. In exchange for covering employees and making sure they get their medical bills paid and have income coming in after an injury, employers are immune from being sued. Injured workers are limited only to making workers’ comp claims (unless they can find a third party to sue) and injured workers can’t get compensation for things like pain.

While this bargain has worked for a long time, it is being undermined. Employees are facing cuts to benefits and many are having more difficulty getting the coverage they deserve. If you are injured on-the-job and your employer or workers’ comp insurer does not treat you fairly, you need to understand your rights. An Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney can provide you with advocacy and represent you as you fight for benefits you need and deserve.

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Every employee has the right to a safe working space. If conditions are unsafe where you work, you should notify your employer and, if necessary, should make a report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to get hazardous conditions fixed.  You also have the right to workers’ compensation benefits if you get hurt on-the-job (regardless of whether any violations occurred or not) and must report your injury in a timely manner in order to make sure you get the benefits you deserve. report work injuries

With the help of an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer, you should have medical bills paid and disability benefits provided when you make a workers’ comp claim after sustaining an on-the-job injury. You are also protected by federal law from being retaliated against for making an injury claim, collecting work injury benefits, or reporting unsafe working conditions.

Sometimes, however, employers illegally retaliate against workers for reporting injuries or OSHA violations. If this happens to you, you may be entitled to compensation for wrongful termination.  Continue Reading