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If the economy gets better, everyone’s standard of living should rise. Unfortunately, there could be a big downside to economic growth. In fact, just recently, Safety News Alert reported on a troubling rise in fatalities when the economy of an industrialized society is improving.  Both workplace injuries and workplace illnesses rise during boom times, which contributes to the rising number of fatalities. atlanta workplace illness

An Atlanta work accident lawyer can help workers and their families if illness or death occurs because of job duties. Whether you get sick or suffer chronic or acute injuries, you should be entitled to receive benefits through Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. These benefits could include coverage for medical care, disability benefits, or death benefits for dependents following a death. Contact an attorney as soon as illness or injury happens so you can get your claim underway immediately.

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Every employee deserves a safe space to work. When you think of workplace risks, you probably think of construction jobs or other physical jobs where there is a substantial chance of injury. While it is true that there is more danger in these professions, office workers can face injury and be hurt too. Safety and Health Magazine provided some tips recently on hidden dangers in an office environment and on how to make your office safer to reduce the chances of problems occurring. atlanta workplace office injuries

If you do get injured in an office, you should understand what your options are and should take action to try to get workers’ comp benefits. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help you to make a claim so you can get payment for treatment costs for your injury as well as other benefits including disability payments if your injury affects your ability to earn wages.

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The work that you do, and the things which you are exposed to at work, can have an impact on your health. Unfortunately, that impact is not a positive one for many workers. Safety BLR reported recently on a survey of more than 1,600 workers who were asked about how their jobs affected their overall health. The results of the study were not good in terms of employee opinion about what their jobs were doing to their bodies. atlanta work illness

In some situations when work impacts your health, you can be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. For example, if toxic exposure makes you sick or if you suffer an overexertion or repetitive stress injury from repeated stress on your body, you should be compensated for what has happened to you.

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with help in taking action when your work makes you sick or hurt.  If you believe work conditions are jeopardizing your health, you can also speak up and let your employer and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) know about the issues.

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The risk of death on-the-job is not equal among all professions, with workers in certain high-risk professions facing a much more substantial danger of on-the-job injuries and on-the-job fatalities. The discrepancy in death rates among workers of different industries is not the only discrepancy faced either. Safety BLR reported on troubling new data from the AFL-CIO, which indicates that minority workers may be at greater risk of dying on-the-job and which shows that the death rates for older workers are rising. Atlanta workplace fatalities

All workers, regardless of their age, race, gender, national origin, or other status deserve to have a safe worksite. When an injury happens on-the-job, the affected workers or their family members should consult with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to find out about workers’ comp injury or death benefits.

Report Shows Minorities & Older Workers at Risk of Atlanta Workplace Deaths

Cranes are used frequently in construction, often to make the movement of heavy objects easier. There are different types of cranes, including crawler cranes which have tracks like army tanks to move, and standard cranes which have wheels on which to move.  Cranes need to be operated by trained professionals, and must be placed into secure mode in the event there is too much wind, as cranes can be very dangerous under improper conditions.  atlanta crane accident

A recent crane collapse has resulted in calls for stronger safety measures to go into effect. The push for new safety rules for cranes began shortly after the collapse of a crane resulted in one pedestrian death and many vehicles being crushed.

Crane collapses can happen anywhere and anyone in the vicinity can be hurt. Often, however, it is construction workers who are harmed by the collapse of a crane because construction workers are most likely to be on-site when cranes are being operated. If a construction worker is hurt by a collapsing or swinging crane, an Atlanta work injury lawyer should be consulted for help.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has the authority to require employers correct workplace safety violations. When there are hazardous conditions in violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, OSHA can impose fines and penalties and can require the problems be resolved so employees are no longer endangered by the unsafe conditions. In general, the process of OSHA taking action involves OSHA either conducting a routine inspection or conducting an inspection after a complaint is made or an injury occurs. OSHA identifies the violation, and then issues citations and mandates correction.  construction-lift-1560081

Unfortunately, OSHA is understaffed and cannot inspect all of the organizations under its purview nearly as often as the agency should. This leads to unsafe conditions persisting, which cause injury to workers and lead to Atlanta workers’ comp claims. If OSHA could be more effective with its inspections and enforcement orders, many injuries could be avoided and lives could be saved. One thing that could make a big difference is if OSHA has the authority to order enterprise-wide abatement.

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After a workplace accident occurs, it is essential for an employee to receive prompt treatment in order to mitigate the risk of future injury. A failure to ensure effective treatment occurs immediately after an accident could result in an injury becoming worse- which could mean the injury becomes reportable to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and which could mean an employee has a larger workers’ compensation claim. ouch-1434056

Employees are entitled to full workers’ comp benefits, including payment of medical bills, for all injuries that are work-related. This includes treatment for any exacerbation of injuries that results from inadequate treatment. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help employees to pursue benefits claims so they can take full advantage of the protections afforded under Georgia law.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is supposed to investigate workplaces, identify violations, and fine employers. Unfortunately, understaffing means OSHA investigations are rare unless triggered by a reportable worker injury, a worker death, or a complaint to OSHA. While a lack of regular investigations is a serious problem for worker safety, there are other issues as well. OHSA fines have not increased since 1990, which means the fines are often too low to act as an effective deterrent to force employers to actually take action to protect their workers. dollar-1157973

Whether an employer is fined by OSHA or found to be in violation of workplace safety laws does not make a different in whether an injured Atlanta worker can make an injury claim. Any employee hurt on-the-job can file a benefits claim and receive coverage for medical bills, as well as disability income, with the help of an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer. However, larger OSHA fines could perhaps help to prevent some injuries before they happen because employers would be more concerned about penalties and would be more likely to actually follow worker protection laws. The good news is, OSHA fines may actually finally be increasing for the first time in decades.

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