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The risk of workplace injuries is substantial. In some tragic cases, an injury has lasting effects. It can be disabling, leaving a worker with permanent impairments. A disabling injury can change every aspect of an employee’s life, including making it difficult for an injured worker to be able to effectively earn a living due to his impairments. Atlanta Work Injury

If you suffer a disabling injury, an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in making a claim for benefits. Not only does workers’ comp cover the costs of your medical treatment, but you can also get full or partial disability benefits in any situation where your work-related injury stops you from being able to work or limits wages by reducing the jobs that you are able to do.  There are certain common causes of injury which are most likely to result in disability and which can necessitate these benefits and you should be aware of the risks of disabling work accidents.

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Any Atlanta worker could be hurt at work, from a construction laborer to an office worker. Accidents can happen anywhere, causing serious injuries or even deaths. Unfortunately, there are certain workers who face a much more substantial risk of harm just from doing their jobs. Employees in dangerous positions need to be aware of the risks they face and employers in these dangerous industries should take extra precautions to try to prevent things from going wrong. Atlanta work injury

If a problem occurs at work and an employee is hurt or killed, the injured worker or his family should reach out to an Atlanta work injury lawyer. An attorney can offer invaluable guidance in making certain the worker or his dependents are able to get the full benefits available under Georgia law.

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Workplace injuries, unfortunately, happen every day. When they occur, employees must protect themselves. This means knowing what they should do following an injury to get essential medical care and to make sure they can get the costs of their work injury losses covered. atlanta work injury

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help employees respond to the aftermath of a work injury. By consulting with a lawyer following an incident that leaves you injured, you can make certain you do not jeopardize your right to receive benefits under Georgia workers’ compensation law.  Continue Reading

Atlanta workers who get hurt at work can get workers’ comp benefits.  If exposure to toxins at work results in an employee developing an illness, the affected worker should also be entitled to coverage for the illness and for disability if the sickness affects job abilities. atlanta workplace illness

In some cases, it is clear an injury or illness is work-related because it occurs immediately after an accident or right after exposure to chemicals or toxins. In other circumstances, the injury or illness develops over time, such as a repetitive stress injury. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help in proving an injury or illness was work-related in order to ensure you can get the benefits you need.

While these are situations where you should be able to clearly show that your work can affect your health, there are also other circumstances as well where your job affect your well-being. In fact, Safety BLR reported recently that new studies have shown a bad job can affect your health for decades.

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Recently, CNN reported on the plight of a disabled 55-year-old construction worker. After 32 years in the construction industry, the man was badly injured and barely able to leave his home. He was taking medications, but the pills and treatments were not helping to improve his quality of life. Atlanta workplace injury

His story was similar to the stories of many other construction workers, and likely does not come as a surprise to those who are aware that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous. What may come as a surprise, however, is that this construction worker was not hurt because of a fall or an encounter with construction equipment. Instead, the cause of his serious ailment was workplace hearing loss.

Workplace hearing loss is common, life changing, and very expensive to deal with. For workers who sustain hearing loss, their quality of life can change forever. If you are one of the millions of workers affected by hazardous exposure to noise at work that causes your hearing to suffer, you need to know your rights. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help you.

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Getting hurt at work can be very expensive. If you suffer an injury, you need to know how to get your costs covered. Reporting your injury to your employer in a timely manner is one of the keys to getting bills paid because you can be disqualified from workers’ comp coverage if you delay. Provided you report your injury on time and can show it is work-related you should be eligible for benefits that cover medical costs and that provide you with disability income. atlanta work injury medical bills

One big concern for many injured workers is exactly what types of medical bills will be covered by Georgia workers’ compensation. The good news is, you should have most or all of your bills paid after your accident. However, you may need to speak with an experienced Atlanta work injury lawyer to understand exactly what should be covered and to make sure you get the full amount of benefits that you actually deserve.

Will Workers’ Comp Pay Your Medical Bills After an Atlanta Work Injury?

Workplace injuries can be frightening and can leave you uncertain about your future. Unfortunately, many people do not know what to do to protect their interests after a workplace injury in Atlanta. While you are supposed to receive workers’ compensation benefits for all illnesses and injuries, some employees end up making mistakes that put these important benefits in jeopardy. Atlanta work injury

If you get hurt or someone you love is killed on-the-job, you cannot afford to do anything that prevents you from getting workers’ comp coverage. Since a lawsuit against an employer generally isn’t allowed, workers’ comp may be the only option you have for getting your medical bills covered, getting disability income, and getting any compensation at all for your serious injuries. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help to protect you by making sure you avoid common errors that could cost you.

Avoid These Top Errors After an Atlanta Workplace Injury

Many workplace safety violations are never reported or discovered, and employers face no penalties for them at all. This is because Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is understaffed and inspections of worksites are rare. workplace safety violation penalties

Even when there is a problem and a worker gets hurt or killed, OSHA fines are generally relatively low, so employers may not find the fines a strong incentive to change their ways and follow best practices for safety. While criminal prosecution could be a strong deterrent, prosecutions are very rare and- as one recent case shows- the laws may not impose penalties commensurate with the consequences of an employer’s actions.

Because there is so little incentive to actually force employers to make worksites safe, injuries and fatalities happen far too often. If you or someone you love experiences an Atlanta workplace injury or fatality, you need to understand your right and pursue a benefits claim. An attorney can help.  Continue Reading

Workers across every industry face unique risks specific to their profession. Long-haul truck drivers are no exception. Unfortunately, the dangers faced by truckers are especially great because a single slip-up could result in a devastating collision. Truck drivers have tremendous responsibility when operating commercial motor vehicles that could weigh as much as 80,000 pounds.  Any small error in judgment or problem that occurs could lead to serious injury or death for the driver and for other motorists. Truck drivers account for about 12 percent of on-the-job fatalities and had more non-fatal injuries than any other occupation, so the risk of death is not trivial for individuals within this profession. atlanta workplace car accident injuries

When a truck driver, or any other employee, is hurt in a motor vehicle accident while performing job duties, the driver should be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits as long as it is possible to prove the incident was work-related. For truckers, their time on-duty making deliveries for their employer is work-related. For anyone who drives at work, while a commute isn’t considered to be a work task, most other driving done for a job is considered a work duty… which means compensation should be available if injuries occur.

Making a workers’ compensation claim means your employer’s workers compensation insurer will be required to pay for medical bills caused by accident injuries as well as to provide disability income. Pain and suffering compensation and certain other non-economic benefits are not available through workers comp, but could be recovered if a personal injury claim is also made against non-employers after an on-the-job car crash.  An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help truckers and others who drive on-the-job to explore all possible ways they can recover benefits and compensation after an accident happens.

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Work injuries can be expensive, and can permanently affect your earning power. When you incur medical bills and your income is lost or reduced, it can be very stressful. Workers’ compensation laws are intended to remove this stress. Georgia law is supposed to guarantee every worker who got hurt on-the-job will have coverage for illnesses and injuries that are work related. Yes or No

Unfortunately, many workers’ comp insurers fail to provide the benefits they are supposed to when an employee gets hurt on the job and makes a claim for compensation. An Atlanta work accident lawyer can assist those who suffered injuries in appealing a denial of the benefits they deserve. Injured victims should make sure to talk with a lawyer, and should ensure they do not allow an employer’s insurer to make excuses for depriving them of the benefits that they deserve.

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