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Workers in all different industries could be exposed to toxic chemicals and hazardous products as a result of the work that they do on a daily basis.  Whenever a worker is exposed to a hazardous substance, it is important for the affected employee to understand what his or her rights are. Atlanta workplace illness

Exposure to dangerous chemicals or other toxins at work can make a worker very sick. Injury can occur immediately, and exposure can sometimes be fatal. In other cases, an employee exposed to toxins is not actually affected right away but can get sick months or even years in the future.

When an illness develops later in life as a result of toxic exposure at work, the employee who is made sick should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, just as the employee who suffers immediate harm due to toxic exposure should receive benefits.

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted if you believe that you got sick as a result of something you were exposed to at work. It can sometimes be challenging to prove an illness was caused by a workplace exposure to a toxin or hazard, especially if illness does not develop for a long time after the exposure. An attorney can provide assistance in finding expert witnesses or other evidence necessary to show an illness is caused by job duties.  Continue Reading

If your family member has been killed at work, it is natural to be devastated by the loss. A workplace death is one of the most tragic losses a person can experience, especially because workplace fatalities are so often preventable.  Unfortunately, workplace deaths do happen, and families have to deal with the aftermath. Atlanta workers' compensation death benefits

When a death occurs on-the-job, it is important for family members to understand what their rights and options are. Workers’ compensation death benefits may be available, as long as you can prove that the death was work-related.

Death benefits can be available after a death due to illness or injury, and an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide you with assistance in making your benefits claim.

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Getting hurt at work can be very expensive. If you suffer an injury, you need to know how to get your costs covered. Reporting your injury to your employer in a timely manner is one of the keys to getting bills paid because you can be disqualified from workers’ comp coverage if you delay. Provided you report your injury on time and can show it is work-related you should be eligible for benefits that cover medical costs and that provide you with disability income. atlanta work injury medical bills

One big concern for many injured workers is exactly what types of medical bills will be covered by Georgia workers’ compensation. The good news is, you should have most or all of your bills paid after your accident. However, you may need to speak with an experienced Atlanta work injury lawyer to understand exactly what should be covered and to make sure you get the full amount of benefits that you actually deserve.

Will Workers’ Comp Pay Your Medical Bills After an Atlanta Work Injury?

Employers are responsible for injuries that occur on worksites. In some cases, employers are not only held responsible for damages that occur while performing work duties but can also be held liable for perils that occurred while employees were horsing around or goofing off. Although Georgia workers’ compensation laws– and other state workers’ compensation laws–  have a horseplay exception, when and how it applies is a question that leaves room for interpretation. workers-724160-m

If you were hurt at work and your employer is claiming the injury was partially or wholly your fault, you should talk to an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer at Parsons & Associates, P.C. about whether you have the right to make a claim for damages or not. You should not assume your claim will be denied because you played a role in the accident.

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When an employee is hurt on-the-job in Atlanta, that worker should be able to feel confident that his financial losses will be covered. The state workers’ compensation system restricts the rights of employees to sue employers and requires employers to buy insurance coverage for virtually all workers. In exchange for employees not being able to sue, workers’ comp should guarantee that their medical bills will be paid and that they will receive disability benefits if their injuries prevent them from working either temporarily or permanently.  money check

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of workers’ compensation laws are being undermined nationwide. As the Centers for Effective Government explains, workers’ compensation has protected injured employees from financial loss for close to a century but benefits are being eroded at the cost of employee’s financial stability after an injury.

As the workers’ compensation laws change and become less protective of injured employees, it has become more important than ever to have an attorney looking out for your interests if you get hurt at work. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer at Parsons & Associates, P.C. can provide you with the legal guidance and advice necessary to fight hard to get full and fair compensation after you suffer an injury or illness while doing job tasks.