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The risk of workplace injuries and fatalities at work is still far too high. Unfortunately, because many jobs have inherent risks and many worksites are not as safe as they should be, thousands of workers are killed every single year. Preventing injuries and fatalities should be a top priority, but too many employers don’t do enough. atlanta work injury

All workers are potentially at risk due to unsafe work sites or high-risk activities on-the-job, but certain employees also face an especially significant chance of being hurt or killed while they are trying to earn a living. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to any employee who has been harmed at work.

A new report from the AFL-CIO, called Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect, demonstrates just how serious the risk of work injury is.  The rate of all injuries is remaining steady instead of declining, and there are still millions of injuries occurring and changing the lives of workers though the United States.   Continue Reading

Workers in all different industries could be exposed to toxic chemicals and hazardous products as a result of the work that they do on a daily basis.  Whenever a worker is exposed to a hazardous substance, it is important for the affected employee to understand what his or her rights are. Atlanta workplace illness

Exposure to dangerous chemicals or other toxins at work can make a worker very sick. Injury can occur immediately, and exposure can sometimes be fatal. In other cases, an employee exposed to toxins is not actually affected right away but can get sick months or even years in the future.

When an illness develops later in life as a result of toxic exposure at work, the employee who is made sick should be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits, just as the employee who suffers immediate harm due to toxic exposure should receive benefits.

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer should be consulted if you believe that you got sick as a result of something you were exposed to at work. It can sometimes be challenging to prove an illness was caused by a workplace exposure to a toxin or hazard, especially if illness does not develop for a long time after the exposure. An attorney can provide assistance in finding expert witnesses or other evidence necessary to show an illness is caused by job duties.  Continue Reading

Dark workplaces can be unsafe workplaces, as it is more difficult for employees to see hazards and correct or avoid dangerous conditions. A dark worksite also makes slips, trips and falls more likely.  Employees could be seriously harmed due to accidents that are caused by inadequate lighting. Injured workers who get hurt on-the-job due to an incident that occurs because of improper lighting should talk with an Atlanta work injury lawyer about their options for making a benefits claim. Atlanta work injury causes

Although injured employees should be able to obtain workers’ comp benefits that cover their medical costs and pay disability income if they temporarily or permanently cannot work, suffering a work injury can still cause significant personal hardship for an injured employee.

Prevention of work injuries is vital to spare workers pain, suffering, and life-changing symptoms caused by on-the-job accidents. Fortunately, preventing injuries attributed to inadequate lighting should be relatively easy as it is a simple matter of improving lighting conditions. Safety BLR has some tips to help ensure that inadequate lighting doesn’t put Atlanta employees at risk.

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If you get hurt on-the-job, losses caused by your injuries are supposed to be covered by workers’ compensation. Georgia law broadly protects employees by requiring almost all employers to buy workers’ comp insurance, or to self-insure, so an injured employee can get costs covered. The employee should only have to prove an injury is work-related to get disability benefits and medical bills paid by workers’ comp. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help the injured employee through the process of making a claim. Atlanta work injury

While workers’ comp provides broad protection, there are some complicated situations where workers are uncertain as to whether they can obtain work injury benefits. One example of such a situation is when an injured worker has a pre-existing injury or a pre-existing medical condition that is exacerbated by an on-the-job accident. For example, if you already have a back injury from some other cause and you get into an accident at work that hurts your back more severely than before, you may be uncertain as to whether or not workers’ compensation will pay for your losses caused by the exacerbation of your bank injury.

You should be entitled to work injury benefits, but the process of obtaining the appropriate coverage can be much more difficult when you had an existing injury that complicates your claim. You need to talk with an attorney who has experience representing workers whose pre-existing conditions were made worse by something that happened at work.  Continue Reading

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has many initiatives to protect workers. In addition to inspecting worksites, responding to complaints and reports of accidents, and passing regulations, OSHA also imposes fines on employers. An employer can be fined by OSHA if the agency determines the employer has violated any workplace safety rules. Avoiding these fines is one reason why employers may make an effort to create safe worksites.  Now, employees could have even more incentive to follow the rules because OSHA fines are rising. atlanta work injury

Regardless of whether or not an employer is violating OSHA rules, an employee can take action to get benefits after a work injury. Workers’ compensation in Georgia gives workers the right to benefits even in situations where employers do not violate regulations and where employers do everything right.

An injured worker needs to report his injuries and prove they are work-related and that should be enough to get benefits. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help with this process.  Of course, while benefits are available in a broad array of situations, it is still best if injuries don’t happen…and the rising OSHA fines could help that happen.

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After an on-the-job injury, getting timely medical care is essential. You do not want a delay in your treatment as this could interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment and could result in your condition getting worse. This could make it difficult or impossible to fully recover and get back to work. Unfortunately, when workers’ compensation is paying for your care, there could be situations where approval of essential treatment is delayed. This can be frustrating for patients and doctors and can cause serious damage to recovery efforts. Atlanta work injury compensation

If you are being denied timely care that you need for a work injury, you have rights. You should talk with an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer to find out what options, if any, you have for making sure you can get the treatment you need when your doctor says you need it.

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The holiday shopping season is approaching quickly. While this time of year can be a joyous time for shoppers who love to hit the malls to get bargains and find the perfect gifts for loved ones, it can be a stressful and dangerous time for retail workers. Each year, injuries happen during big shopping events that take place over the holiday season.  When these injuries occur, retail workers need to know what their options are.

Atlanta Work Injury

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to retail workers or to other employees who are hurt over the holidays. If you suffer an injury during the festive season, or at any time of the year, you should call a lawyer to get assistance in making a claim for medical benefits, lost wages, and other losses your workplace injury has caused you to suffer.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cites companies for failure of those organizations to follow workplace safety rules aimed at preventing serious work injuries. Unfortunately, there are many companies which take risks with their employee’s lives by failing to offer appropriate training, necessary protective gear, and a work environment that is reasonably safe from hazards.Atlanta work injury violations

Many companies repeatedly make the same types of mistakes year-after-year, causing common work injuries to happen. Just recently, OSHA released a list of the top 10 most violated workplace safety standards resulting in citations. These violations are far too common and put the lives of every employee in jeopardy. If you are the victim of one of these workplace safety violations, you need to contact an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer. In fact, if you are hurt for any reason at work, whether your employer has violated the rules or not, you need to speak with an experienced attorney about your legal rights.  Continue Reading

When a serious injury or a fatal accident happens in a worksite, obviously the first concern is to take care of the employee who was hurt or to address the situation with the employee who was killed. This employee, however, is not necessarily the only one who could be harmed as a result of the incident. Co-workers who observed the accident or who came to the aid of their injured co-worker could suffer critical incident stress. In some cases, employees who observed a frightening accident could even develop post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which affects their own health and their own ability to work effectively. atlanta workplace accident

An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide help to the injured worker or to family members of those who are killed in an accident. Benefits, including medical coverage, disability coverage, or death benefits should be provided. If the injured employee suffers from PTSD in the aftermath of the accident, coverage for mental healthcare is typically also part of the benefits which workers’ comp should cover. For those workers who observed but who were not injured by the incident, however, the best option is for employers to provide appropriate support before the trauma causes PTSD to develop.

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In Georgia, there are approximately 400,000 undocumented immigrants living throughout the state, according to Newsmax. Many of these undocumented immigrants are working jobs throughout Georgia, including in cities like Atlanta. This can raise important questions, like what happens if any of these undocumented immigrants get hurt on-the-job? atlanta workers' comp coverage

The Georgia courts have addressed this issue and the courts have found that undocumented immigrants are generally still going to be entitled to workers’ comp benefits. This means you should not allow your immigration status to prevent you from getting the work injury benefits that you deserve. If you got hurt as a direct result of your work duties, regardless of your lawful residency or not, you should contact an Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer to find out what options you have for getting benefits that you need.

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